Data security is high on the list of GRC priorities this week. An app launched in October shows that up to 20% of info on Facebook news feeds is malicious while EMC-backed research shows information governance policies in cloud migrations are lacking. In other news, new releases from CipherPoint secure SharePoint content.

How Safe Is Your Facebook Page?

While it’s always hard to gauge how safe -- or unsafe -- a website or page is, a new application launched in October, has revealed that many of us are falling victim to infectious content. The application surveyed 17 million Facebook pages and revealed that around 20 percent of users’ news feeds and posts have been infected.

The statistics come from a survey of safego users, a free app that scans a user’s wall, message inbox and comments for malicious content.

The survey shows that of all the attacks, about 60 percent come from notifications posted by third-party applications on Facebook’s developer platform.

Rogue apps that offer functionality not offered by Facebook -- like the one that offers to let you know who has viewed your profile, or the famous dislike button -- are the most common forms of malicious apps, but there are also threats from Koobface worms and false surveys.

Safego, a security app from Romanian security vendor BitDefender, was released in October this year and has already been downloaded by 14,000 Facebook users.

Safego scans your Facebook profile for privacy gaps and identifies any information that can be accessed by strangers. It also detects any hidden malware. The problem is however, while it identifies these threats, it doesn’t do anything to block them.

Is Your Information Cloud Migration Governed?

A new EMC and CIO–backed Market Pulse Survey finds that nearly three quarters of IT organizations are currently running, actively researching or planning to deploy applications in cloud environments in the next 12 months.

That’s probably a good thing. What is definitely a bad thing however, is that most of those respondents have no governance policy for cloud-based information, and almost a quarter of them say they have no plans to develop such policies.

More than half (54%) of the respondents said they are concerned that cloud-based applications and services may fragment their enterprise’s information architecture by isolating data and content within the clouds that created them.

Other findings indicated:

  • 71% agree the cloud has the potential to improve the accessibility, usability, search ability and value of corporate information.
  • 64% agree the cloud has the potential to enable their organization to better access and use information to secure a business advantage.
  • 57% agree their organization is focused on addressing cloud security concerns but need to spend more time defining a proactive information management and governance strategy for the cloud.

The report concludes that the information management infrastructure of the future will extend from the enterprise and private cloud to a mix of community, hybrid and public cloud deployments.

Unfortunately, inadequate or lagging policies for managing the data stored in these different environments will increase the risk that enterprises will lose control of their information. Want to know more -- sign in to download the report.

Securing SharePoint Content

In case you missed it, earlier this week, a new security company, CipherPoint announced their plans of ensuring users SharePoint environments are set up properly from the start.

There are two products from CipherPoint:

  • CipherPointSP Enterprise: a multi-server enterprise version of the content encryption product  CipherPoint SP
  • CipherPointKM: a centralized console that allows you to manage your security and key settings for a SharePoint farm. It offers reports, access control and management of security keys across your farm.

Currently, the products work with SharePoint 2007, with 2010 support expected in Q1 of 2011. You can trial the products to see if they provide the security that you are looking for. Want to find out more?

Secure PC Access from iPhone

Thanks to a new mobile application released this week by AT&T (newssite), users can now securely access their backed up PC data from their iPhone. The company’s AT&T Tech Support 360 Backup and Go Mobile App gives small business customers the ability to access their computer files backed up with AT&T’s Backup and Go service from virtually anywhere.

The app uses an enhanced user interface that integrates seamlessly with smartphones. The new mobile app can display 52 of the most common file types -- including documents, spreadsheets, presentations and photos. Previously, smartphones were limited to browser-based access to the Backup and Go service.

All data accessed and backed up is stored in secure offsite data centers.The service also includes encryption for stored files and data replication for enhanced reliability. The app is available as a free download from the App Store on iPhones or at the iTunes App store.