This week, IBM was at the enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, where it launched IBM Connections, a social networking platform with real-time compliance capabilities, Verizon opens a new risk management service, Clearwell extends reach of e-Discovery and Cintas achieves NAID certification.

IBM Launches IBM Connections

IBM (news, site) was at the 2.0 conference in Boston this week to launch its IBM Connections, a social networking platform with real-time compliance capabilities.

The new IBM Connections software allows organizations to track and trace data on the fly across enterprises. This information can be analyzed and is discoverable in real-time using the IBM Connections active compliance service, as opposed to the usual way of waiting days for final analysis.

The new IBM Connections 3.01 software uses microblogs, wikis, communities and activities to collaborate with clients, partners and employees.

It offers enterprise-quality compliance capabilities, enabling uses to monitor, track and pull out relevant data around conversations, posts and file uploads in real-time. This electronic trail of online interactions helps organizations meet their policy needs while working at the speed of social networking.

IBM plans to provide these compliance capabilities users through collaboration with Actiance. Later this year, IBM says it will introduce Actiance Vantage for IBM Connections, which archives and logs social content to help enterprises remain compliant with corporate and government regulations.

The new features within IBM Connections also help foster greater participation in communities through moderation, allowing managers and editors of online content to review materials before they are published. If you’re interested in more, check it out here.

Verizon’s New Risk Management Service

With data security an ongoing problem for enterprises, Verizon (news, site) has launched a new evidence-based risk management service called Incident Analytics Service (IAS), which will enable enterprises to describe, track, analyze and benchmark data breach incident metrics via a Web application.

Delivered as SaaS, IAS provides risk information via its online dashboard, where users have access to historical data, as well as analysis, reporting, trending and peer benchmarking information.

Sources of this data include the anonymous and aggregated data from all IAS participants; Verizon's annual Data Breach Investigations Report and information shared freely through the Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing (VERIS) application -- a repository for information collected from security incidents that are voluntarily and anonymously reported by participating organizations.

The new service also helps enterprises better understand how their security stacks up against competitors by providing anonymous benchmarking information on peer security incidents, losses, controls and security spending.

Clearwell Extends e-Discovery Reach

Recently, we saw that e-Discovery vendor Clearwell (news, site) has announced a few key enhancements to its identification and collection module, designed to bring the next generation of targeted collection to e-Discovery.

With its new federated search-enabled keyword collection, Clearwell hopes to improve the way companies leverage existing IT infrastructure, such as built-in indices for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Windows file shares, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

By adding keyword searching to its identification and collection module, users can filter information intelligently, which will reduce the amount of data collected, processed, analyzed, reviewed and produced. Interested in more? Check it out here.

Cintas Achieves NAID Certification

Cintas (news, site), which provides secure document management services, recently announced that it has been awarded National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certification worldwide.

One of the first North American companies to achieve NAID certification across North America, Cintas now has accreditation in all document-shredding facilities across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

The certification means that Cintas adheres to the stringent information destruction security practices and standards defined by NAID.

The NAID certification program establishes standards for secure destruction processes for areas of a business including operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal and insurance.

Cintas services are designed to provide businesses with data privacy and security, compliance with regulatory requirements and greater control and access to information.

Dell SecureWorks Partners with Qualys

Finally, Dell SecureWorks (news, site) and Qualys have announced a strategic partnership plan to deliver Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) to enterprises worldwide.

Dell SecureWorks will integrate, manage and re-sell the QualysGuard suite of security and compliance services, including vulnerability management, web application scanning, PCI compliance and policy compliance services.

Dell SecureWorks provides operational support to configure the technology, map assets, schedule scans and expertly review results -- designed to save time and support compliance goals. Dell SecureWorks will provide QualysGuard VMS to its global customers.