This week in the GRC space, IBM released its identity intelligence software, Symantec had a busy week with the acquisition of LiveOffice and its rethink of intelligent information governance, CMSWire’s contributors visited the governance space, particularly around website governance and Qualtrax upgraded to v4.3.

IBM Identity Management Software

This week, IBM announced identity intelligence software designed in IBM labs to provide corporations with a more sophisticated approach to managing the information employees can access.

Built around IBM's advanced analytics, the software has been called Security Role and Policy Modeler, which analyzes employee data and recommends a finite set of roles to better secure an organization and manage compliance. The analytics can flag abnormal behavior, inconsistencies in role access and expired user access.

Security Role and Policy Modeler is available as part of IBM’s software for policy-based identity and access management governance offering. The new software allows companies to collect, clean up, correlate, certify and report on identity and access configurations.

While many people wouldn’t necessarily associate IBM with security, it offers management, database security, application development, risk management, endpoint management and network security as well as operating the world's broadest security research and development organization and delivery organization.

Meanwhile, in an aside and just FYI, IBM also announced that it set a new U.S. patent record in 2011, earning a record 6,180 U.S. patents in 2011, including more than 100 security-related patents.

Symantec Buys LiveOffice

Meanwhile, it’s been a big week for Symantec. If you missed it earlier in the week, it announced the acquisition of LiveOffice for US$ 115 million. LiveOffice, Symantec’s hosted archiving OEM partner for Enterprise, will add a cloud-based messaging protection solution to Symantec's information security and management solutions arsenal.

LiveOffice, founded in 1998, provides hosted archiving services to about 20,000 customers. Email archiving is a large part of LiveOffice's business, but the company has expanded to include other content types -- including documents and unstructured data, such as social media content.

Symantec, Information Governance

Also this week, Symantec announced the release of an intelligent information governance solution that allows organizations to bridge the gap between business, legal and IT, reduce their risks and costs and empower employees to work freely in a connected world.

To enable organizations to better protect their information, establish retention policies and streamline their e-Discovery processes, Symantec said it planned to increase integration between its storage and e-Discovery offerings.

Symantec’s intelligent information governance solutions provide organizations with the technology needed to reduce the risks related to e-Discovery and compliance, and allow them to consolidate previously discrete portions of IT operations.

With it, Symantec provides federated search and a common classification engine across data sources, bringing context and relevance to information so organizations can find what they need, when they need it and appropriately enforce policies and controls. Additionally, the ability to centrally manage security, information retention and e-Discovery functions reduces operational expenses and training costs.

This is not just a single release announcement, and appears to affect Symantec’s entire portfolio.  

6 Concepts for Website Governance

Last week, CMSWire took a dive into Customer Experience Management, where a number of contributors had a look at information governance and how it affects an enterprise's online presence.

One of them was Robert Jacoby, who offered a new website governance model and introduced six concepts for the future of website governance.

Website governance issues are currently a vital topic of discussion. Enterprises are coming to terms with what seems like a never-ending array of business prospects on the Web, and new tools and technologies are presenting ever-increasing challenges and opportunities. Social media, content management systems, mobile technologies -- all play a part in how an organization might consider its own website governance issues.

There’s a lot more to this and well worth checking out, as are other governance issues around it.

Qualtrax Upgrades to v4.3

Finally, document and process management vendor Qualtrax has released the latest version of its software, 4.3, that includes updates suggested by customers.

Qualtrax Version 4.3 includes dozens of new features. The process management feature, also known as the Qualtrax “workflow engine,” has been enhanced with Smart Restrictions to provide users with increased flexibility and improved logic for Qualtrax users to more efficiently work through complex processes.

In addition, the new version has expanded its support for international users. This release also expands the electronic signatures feature, providing the option to have these associated to tests in the system. Electronic signatures have long been an important capability of Qualtrax for those needing to comply with FDA CFR 21 Part 11..