GRC Roll-up: McAfee Releases Facebook Security Upgrade, SharePoint Gets Enhanced Logs

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This week, McAfee upgrades Facebook protection to block all kinds of nasty bugs from getting in, GFI offers SharePoint log management for site governance, Coverity releases its upgraded code governance offering, while Zylab offers e-Discovery software that includes audio content identification.

McAfee Upgrades Facebook Security

With the growing use of Facebook as an enterprise tool, combined with the growing number of security threats associated with Facebook use, McAfee (news, site) has announced that it has expanded and launched a download specifically for Facebook.

Targeting users who don’t have sufficient security on their computers to deal with the threats that can enter usingFacebook, this free download is available in 41 countries and gives uses quicker and more intelligentidentification of threats currently riding the web.

One of the most useful features is integration with Site Advisor, which can identify web sites that pose a threat and those that may contain malware buried in the pages.

Anyone who uses Facebook regularly has probably already come across Koobface worm variants, or the dodgy application that says it can tell users who has gained access to their profile.

While this will be useful for everyone, it will be particularly so for smaller businesses that use Facebook, but don’t have huge IT resources that can block malicious applications, or secure networks.

GFI Offers SharePoint Log Management

GFI Software (news, site) has added enhanced security and compliance features to GFI EventsManager 2011 with LOGbinder SP, providing SharePoint log management, and auto-update patch management capabilities.

EventsManager enables users to meet data security, regulatory compliance and e-Discovery requirements by monitoring, logging and analyzing events occurring on a network. The latest version of GFI EventsManager applies these same log monitoring and reporting capabilities to SharePoint environments.

While SharePoint offers an audit log solution, many organizations require more robust capabilities such as matching users to specific events and generating detailed reports and audits.

LOGbinder SP -- a Windows-based service that can be installed on a SharePoint server -- monitors SharePoint events and translates that activity into a Windows event log. GFI EventsManager then collects the events generated by LOGbinder SP and archives the logs into a centralized database for management and analysis.

In sum, it enables users to consolidate SharePoint activity with other important events, giving them a holistic view of everything happening across the network.

Coverity Offers Code Governance

Meanwhile, a new release from Coverity (news, site) looks at code governance and quality. Coverity Integrity is a new solution for code governance that enables software development organizations to set policies for code quality and security, and then manage, monitor and report on these policies as code is tested.

With it, enterprises can manage and enforce standard code testing policies across in-house development teams, outsourced development teams and software provided by third party suppliers.

Learning Opportunities

Coverity Integrity Control is an integrated solution that leverages code testing results from Coverity Static Analysis, and offers advanced code governance features including:

  • Policy management
  • Insight into development risk across the software supply
  • Policy breach notification
  • Third-party supplier SLA enforcement

Software code governance is the process for development organizations to define and test standard software policies for quality, security and efficiency that are aligned to business priorities, as well as manage development risk across the software supply chain.

Zylab's Audio E-Discovery

If you missed it earlier, e-Discovery vendor Zylab (news, site) has released Audio Search Bundle, software for analyzing audio data in e-Discovery searches by checking key words and phrases more quickly.

According to Zylab, what took the FBI three months to transcribe and analyze in the aftermath of the Enron case, where 2,800 hours of audio had to be checked for key phrases, would now take five minutes.

With the Zylab Audio Search Bundle available today, they could perform those same searches on the audio files -- not a speech-to-text transcript -- within about five minutes and replay the segments to verify their relevance, says Johannes C. Scholtes, chairman and chief strategy officer for Zylab. Interested in more?

Lateral Data Releases Viewpoint 5.0

There was another release in the e-Discovery space this week from Lateral Data (news, site), which has finished internal testing of its latest Viewpoint 5.0 e-Discovery platform, with results indicating improved performance suitable enough for cloud-based data processing.

According to Lateral Data's testing, cloud-based processing at the capacity equivalent to five dual-core workstations will cost $1.20 per hour -- significantly less than if users were to acquire infrastructure and use non-distributed and non-intelligent e-Discovery applications.

Viewpoint 5.0 requires an existing PaaS setup, which may include Windows Azure, Amazon EC2 and the like. Tasks can be distributed and managed through a workflow layer, such as Microsoft Windows. Interested in more?