As in previous years, this week's SAP Sapphire conference has generated a number of interesting releases this week in the GRC space. Jive offered enterprises a way of keeping their social media compliant, while Krolls provided them the tools to DIY e-Discovery and C2C has simplified email archiving.

SAP Offers Mobile GRC

SAP is holding its Sapphire conference at the moment, and while a lot more announcements are expected before the end, there have already been a number of interesting items, especially for mobile workers.

For GRC, there are a slew of apps that go with the SAP BusinessObjects product providing instant access to all kinds of things including analytics, global risk and compliance solutions.

The new mobile GRC apps empower the mobile workforce by delivering more consumable information and processes, enabling users to protect value and optimize organizational performance on mobile devices.

For example, there is the SAP GRC Access Approver mobile app which facilitates review, time-sensitive approvals and operation-critical access requests for managers, allowing authorized employees to gain access to systems.

With the SAP GRC Policy Survey mobile app, sales managers can keep track of policy changes within their organization and complete policy-related surveys.

SAP also announced an increasing portfolio of line-of-business and industry-specific SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications that address task-specific business issues. There’s bound to be more on this over the coming days, which we’ll have a look at next week.

Jive’s Social Media Compliance

Adhering to electronic communications laws in the realm of social business can be tricky. Hoping to ease the process, Jive has partnered with Actiance, a company bent on improving the security, management and compliance of unified communications.

Currently, industries like financial and government institutions require by law that email, instant message and social business records are kept. Failing to provide them can get pretty expensive.

Jive has been quick to respond to this change by partnering with Actiance. As a result, the communications that occur within Jive are properly recorded and reported based on applicable laws.

Moreover, those with restricted access to certain areas of the business can now freely interact with all employees through the company's social business software. Interested in more?

Kroll Offers DIY e-Discovery

E-discovery vendor Kroll, has just announced the introduction of a SaaS version of its software that enables users to send data to Kroll, which organizes this data and presents it as cases to customers.

The new release is a response to the growing volume of data floating around enterprises and the consequent growth in volumes that are used in e-Discovery. The SaaS version, Kroll says, is a way of empowering companies with the ability to manage that content internally.

Called the Verve do-it-yourself e-discovery platform, the new SaaS version of the product enables users to do it all by themselves, without any outside help -- probably enough of a reason for law firms to have interest in the offering.

Recent Kroll research showed that 86% of law firms and in-house legal departments are considering insourcing e-discovery, and that 81% have plans to choose a SaaS option in the coming two years.

There is also research by Gartner that shows that half of all companies will have had to produce social media-related material for e-discovery by 2013.

The Kroll Ontrack Verve offering provides the ability to quickly upload data to the cloud to begin a project and then select the appropriate processing criteria. Verve also offers an Early Data Assessment (EDA) feature that cuts early data sets by 85%.

C2C Simplifies Email Archiving

Email managing vendor C2C has just upgraded its ArchiveOne software, a solution for email archiving, e-Discovery and compliance management.

Key new features automatically determine the owner of lost PST files and provide continuous system health.

The latest release of ArchiveOne includes:

  • Automatic ownership detection for lost PST files: ArchiveOne now uses three algorithms to identify the owners of  'uncoupled' or 'unassociated' PST files, such as those belonging to former employees.
  • Continuous system health checks: It provides regular health check analysis -- daily or more frequently -- to improve productivity through the proactive identification of thresholds and environmental issues that may impact system performance.
  • Simplified cloud-based disaster recovery: It is also easier to store and restore data to and from the Cloud by automatically copying repositories and indexes to the Cloud. ArchiveOne provides a full disaster recovery copy without ever needing to copy data to tape.

ArchiveOne 6.2 is now available, and the company says it is offering promotional prices for new customers. You can also have a look at an online demo on the website.