GRC Roll-up: Symantec Adds Social Media Archiving; Recommind, LexisNexis Partner

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There were a number of new releases in the GRC space this week including an announcement from Symantec that it is releasing its upgraded Enterprise Vault 10 later this year, a new release of MetricStream’s GRC platform, Bridgeway has also upgraded LawManager, while Recommind and LexisNexis have formed a partnership, as have BWise and PwC.

Symantec Adds Social Media Archiving

Symantec (news, site) has upgraded Enterprise Vault to v10, as well as announced its Enterprise Vault.cloud and Cloud Storage for Enterprise Vault to enable enterprises to manage and discover information on-premise and in the cloud.

Symantec Enterprise Vault 10 software will add integration with Symantec's data loss prevention and encryption technologies as well as enabling enterprises to discover data stored in the cloud, and from social networks.

Its SaaS Enterprise Vault.cloud will also offer unlimited cloud storage for email, with rapid search and access, for a flat fee per mailbox per month.

Of particular note in the new release, which will be available to users in the second half of this year, isits ability to classify specific email messages, as well as the social media archiving.

This means that, using itsdata loss prevention software, enterprises will be able to analyze email content and metadata to classify email messages and assign the appropriate archiving and retention policy for that message, or even flag the message to be reviewed for compliance purposes.

The social media archiving feature will enable them to archive posts to an organization's publicly facing social media outlets including blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, which are now legally classified as discoverable content, in the same way other digital information is.

Symantec says it will continue to enhance its Symantec.cloud email archiving service under the name Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud as of the beginning in June.

It also announced Enterprise Vault Cloud Storage for Nirvanix, a hybrid model designed to make using the cloud for archiving as easy as managing on-premise storage at a much lower cost.

Recommind, LexisNexis Partner

If you missed it earlier in the week, Recommind (news, site) and LexisNexis (news, site) site have formed a strategic that will offer Recommind’s hosted e-Discovery review platform with LexisNexis Hosted Litigation Solutions, smoothing the often-fraught relationship that exists between legal departments and IT departments.

Between them, the companies will be able to offer what could be one of the best-developed hosted e-Discovery review and analysis platforms without having to use IT resources that could be deployed better elsewhere.

As a result, companies that sign up for it will be able to deploy Recommind's Axcelerate On-Demand, which enables multiple users to work and collaborate on one case through a secure, centralized web-based interface.

LexisNexis will bring to the table, through its Hosted Litigation Solutions group, a collection of litigation software, including a hosted version of its discovery and pre-discovery management software. Interested in more?

MetricStream Upgrades GRC Platform

MetricStream (newssite) has also been busy with its GRC platform and has announced significant upgrades with the release of v6.0, which comes with an enhanced GRC data model with a high degree of flexibility for designing GRC programs and processes.

It has also introduced intuitive navigation tools, visualization of GRC data and simplified information sharing and collaboration capabilities, as well asa sophisticated security and access control paradigm thatsupports complex enterprisesthat havemultiple businessand product lines.

Learning Opportunities

Version 6 now includes the GRC Foundation, an extensive set of libraries for risks, controls, processes, policies, assets, organizations, regulations and other GRC elements. These features are configurable, and come with attributes, relationships and workflows defined centrally and applied across the enterprise.

The platform architecture also enables organizations to model functions such as internal audit, operational risk and corporate compliance.

The platform will facilitate active GRC project management and the management of staff in large and globally dispersed teams.

Bridgeway Releases LawManager v6.2

Bridgeway (news, site) has also upgraded one of its flagship products, notably LawManager, which now comes with enhanced search, reporting and other business intelligence capabilities, as well as hardened data encryption and enhanced compliance with government regulations for users with disabilities.

Designed for legal professionals, LawManager 6.2 offers better control over case and matter management through an enhanced visual and reporting environment.

It also comes with what Bridgeway is describing as“dramatic improvements” to its business intelligence reporting engine, Report Wizard, and customization features to improve its performance for corporate and government legal teams.

Search features now allow users to find the data and arrange it in a "notebook" summary,enabling them to capture all relevant data as well as creating tailored reports, in formats such as PDF, RTF and HTML, or exporting tab data directly to Microsoft Excel.

BWise, PwC Partner

Finally, in the risk management space this week, PwC and BWise (news, site) have announced they have entered into a joint business relationship to further enhance and expand their collective IT risk management solutions.

BWise provides enterprise GRC that tracks, measures and manages key organizational risks, including the risk of non-compliance, while integrating real-time information from supporting data sources.

While PwC, which provides tax, accounting and assurance services globally, will get a well-developed GRC solution form the deal, BWise for its part gets access to PwC’s client base, which covers 154 countries and over 160,000 people.