Whether or not companies plan to upgrade to SharePoint 2013, HiSoftware has launched version 3.0 of its Security Sheriff SP tool for locking down sensitive documents in any SharePoint configuration.

SharePoint admins and users can expect encryption and tracking features in the update as Security Sheriff SP Version 3.0 debuts at the European SharePoint Conference this week.

Item-level Security

HiSoftware touts its SharePoint security prowess via the Security Sheriff SP's metadata based security layer that operates at the item level. That means granular controls for locking down Personally Identifiable Information, for example. Only authorized people, not even site admins unless necessary, are able to access individual documents no matter where they live.

Authorized users can further classify, restrict, encrypt and track documents over the base level tools a SharePoint implementation normally includes. Of course, to get the most out of Security Sheriff SP, HiSoftware recommends customers pick up the companion Compliance Sheriff SP, but they are sold separately.

The added benefit of using them together is the Compliance Sheriff allows for automation of some Security Sherrif SP functions.


Content aware data loss prevention in SharePoint by HiSoftware's Security Sheriff SP 3.0

Encryption Key Management + Asset Based Conditions

Security Sheriff SP 3.0 includes added features to things like asset management, encryption key management and asset based conditions, among others. There's also an API available to extend the system to mobile devices like the ever popular iPad.

On the asset management front, version 3 allows for distinguishing between different kinds of site collections to streamline policy management among various sites or business groups. Encryption key management has also been added to support an extra security layer at the customer level. Besides the native encryption functions, version 3 allows for customers to create their own encryption keys.

Asset based conditions can be set for allowing different permissions to be set on assets being used by more than one group or department. Other new features include:

  • Mandatory Metadata -  Asset items are to be classified with pre determined Sheriff metadata classes when documents are uploaded.
  • Intelligent Checkpoints - Users can define more flexible rules and auto classify content according to sensitivity.
  • Lists and calendars can be scanned for policy violations.

HiSoftware has integrated its Compliance Sheriff system with a couple of networks over the last couple months. Both SiteCore and NewsGator have introduced new compliance features with HiSoftware, and it will be interesting to see where this goes as SharePoint 2013 rolls out sometime this year.

In the meantime, there's plenty going on at the European SharePoint Conference where HiSoftware is showing off its new tools, so anyone interested in more details about SharePoint 2013 should follow along there all this week.