Hyland Software Releases Agile OnBase v11 With Easier Collaboration, More Mobility
When Hyland (news, site) released v10 of OnBase last December, it focused on case management. With this week’s release of v 11.0, it has changed the focus to mobile enterprise content management, and agility -- agility, that is, as we understand it to be responsiveness to changing business environments.

The "among others" we are talking about here include improvements to its intelligent imaging and capture, real-time data sharing across other applications, as well as the potential for easier development of data-driven applications.

Hyland, Agility

In the past, and over the past year in particular, we have looked at information agility on a regular basis. Information agility, we said, treats information as a strategic asset, and puts in place tools and strategies to use it intelligently.

We also looked at agile enterprise content management systems and what they should do. We saw that it involved providing the right content to find the right user without them having to go searching for it. We also saw that agile enterprise CMS’ can also respond to changing business needs.

With OnBase v11.0, Hyland has responded to the need for agile ECMs by providing mobile access --one of the major technology needs of enterprises at the moment -- along with dynamism at its core and in the way it is used and accessed.

IT departments are trending to more consolidated, quick-moving environments, giving ECM software the opportunity to not only fill gaps, but to really be the foundation for IT innovation… And, it’s not just what the software does; it’s also how it’s delivered. Organizations depend on technology to work how they work, when they need it,” said Bill Filion, vice president of development for Hyland Software.

Upgrade Areas

So where are the main changes? Again, without trying to outline all the upgrades, the principal changes are in:

Imaging, capture

Hyland has added inherent intelligent indexing and automated redaction functionality to its imaging and capture software so it can handle business documents such as invoices and transcripts as well as healthcare documentation.

Software integrations

To facilitate integrations with legacy technologies, OnBase v11.0 offers data-level integrations with applications such as Lawson, PeopleSoft and Datatel, along with its existing SAP integration. None of these integrations require custom-coding. In addition to this, it also now enables users to start a workflow or execute other workflow tasks in Outlook.

Hardware integrations

To facilitate the capture process and to make it easier with and through existing systems, Hyland has added integration points with fax providers, including Softlinx’s Replifax, Esker’s Esker Fax and Biscom’s Faxcom.

Mobile devices

As most enterprise applications are now required outside of the enterprise, OnBase v11.0 enables users to view documents and execute workflows within an OnBase environment that’s native to both hand-held devices and tablets, including the BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and others.

This is on top of its ability to provide access in a disconnected environment, a function that was added in OnBase 11.0.

Data-driven applications

OnBase 11.0 can now cater to enterprises that have gaps between their line of business applications by enabling enterprises to create applications to fill existing gaps.

Hyland has released OnBase 11.0 and is describing it as “the greatest achievement in enterprise content management and business process solution software in Hyland Software’s 20 years in business.” If for no other reason than that, it is worth a look.