Web-based business intelligence provider, LogiXML has released the newest version of its information platform, Logi Info v11.

A recent report by Forrester indicates that more businesses will be using business intelligence tools in 2013. The products these businesses are looking for have more user control, as well as semantic layers and search control. Forrester also said that more business intelligence platforms will have improved data discovery and social and information portal integration capabilities.

Fresh into the new year, companies have already started to look at improving analytics and business intelligence -- for example, just last week Attivio and Qliktech announced a partnership in hopes to improve big data and analytics.

Noting that business intelligence presence in the industry is improving, LogiXML set out to improve its product. According to Brett Jackson, the company’s CEO, customers are looking for a product where analytics could be embedded directly into a business application.

Embedded analytics lets a much larger number of people interact with information in the context of their job responsibilities, so they can make better business decisions,” he says.

The Updated Logi Info

The release of Logi Info v11 meets the consumer demand that Jackson mentioned. In addition, there are a few other key updates and new features that have been highlighted. They include:

  • A New Look: LogiXML has changed how the Logi Info product looks so that data can be read and understood more easily. This change includes new chart and table tools such as bullet graphs, sparklines and balloon gauges.
  • Mobile friendly design themes: With an increased usage of mobile devices, Logi Info is now more compatible with touch devices, such as iPhones and iPads.
  • Intuitive data exploration: Data visualizations are now more interactive so that users can have a better understanding of the information that is presented to them. With this feature, users also have access to the Access Insight product, an identity and risk management application, that can help identify data breaches in a real-time capacity since analytics are directly embedded into business process and user workflows. Subsequently, since users are immediately notified of these problems they can easily minimize the damage.
  • Faster performance: With an ActiveSQL data layer, all data, now matter what size, is analyzed quickly.
  • Advanced Embeddability: By incorporating a new API, analytics are easily and quickly embedded into internal and external web and mobile applications. In response, application development and deployment runs more smoothly.