Attivio and QlikTech, a business intelligence company, have announced that they will be working together to improve the analytics field. 

Big Data is expected to have a impressive year and it appears that Attivio is dedicated to spearheading this movement. In addition to this new partnership, they were granted US$ 8 million in growth funding from the General Electric Pension Trust earlier this week and US$ 34 million from Oak Investment Partners in October.

Putting the Puzzle Together

With their new partnership, Attivio and QlikTech plan combine the Qlikview product's in-memory data with Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine (AIE). In doing so they aim to improve the AIE’s ability to collect big data and give businesses a more complete data report by showing where data is coming from and why certain trends are happening.

"Data on its own provides an incomplete picture of what's going on in a business because it excludes the insights that are locked away in the 85 percent or more of enterprise information that's actually created by humans -- emails, collaboration tools, documents, call center logs, open ended surveys and PDFs," said Sid Probstein, CTO at Attivio. "The QlikView Attivio integration takes Big Data exploration, analysis and usage to a new level and makes answering ‘what' and ‘why' business questions a lot easier."

In a statement, QlikTech and Attivio says the combination of the two services will create "unified information access,” as users won’t have to download large data sources, can see unstructured and structured information in the AIE or display results through the QlikView Dashboard.


The Highlights

Some key benefits of this partnership include the following:

  • Financial Services: In this service combination, users will be able to reduce their operational costs and streamline progress as well improving other features, such as life cycle optimization by being able to better predict consumer trends.
  • Government/Military: Users in this field can have a more organized system of information by being able to manage and share information and files across different platforms, that may or may not be related with each other. In turn, this improves productivity and data transfer times.
  • Life Sciences: As with the other fields, giving users a more deficient system is the overarching goal of this partnership. In life sciences users will, among other things, be able to make better business and clinical decisions and improve the production process.
  • Manufacturing, Retail and e-Business: Users in the retail industry will have access to data from more sources, including transactions and unstructured data. In having a better range of information they will be able to properly work with suppliers and partners and cater their business to consumer demand and need.

The AIE solution is now available on the QlikMarketplace.