MessageSolution NSF Database Archive, e-Discovery Suite Released

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Information archiving does not consist only of storing data, but rather more powerful data management, which includes search, retrieval and analysis. MessageSolution's (news, site) latest SaaS release features advanced management functionality for Lotus Domino Application-based environments, as well as for other systems.

Enterprise Tools for Information Archival, Search, Analysis

MessageSolution Enterprise NSF Database Archive aims to reduce the storage requirement of Domino Application environments either through on-premise or SaaS deployments. NSF Database Archive for enterprises helps users save on administration costs, improve performance and gain multi-database search capabilities. Dependence on Lotus Domino itself is reduced, as data is stored either via the cloud or on-site deployment set-up by MessageSolution.

Meanwhile, MessageSolution's e-Discovery Suite incorporates litigation support functions into Domino Application, which includes case management, early case assessment, legal review, collaboration and data redaction. MessageSolution targets enterprise clients that require analytical tools for assessing, reviewing and auditing their information. Litigation management is seen to be a big market.

Cross-Platform Support

Aside from archival and analytics for Domino, MessageSolution offers support for other messaging platforms, such as Exchange, GroupWise, WebEX, Gmail, Zimbra, Postfix, Scalix, Kerio, Imail, Qmail and Sun. The Email Cross-Plaform Migration System will enable organizations to convert from one platform to another with the option of using the enterprise eDiscovery and archiving systems alongside the conversion.

Learning Opportunities

Scalable Offerings and Flexible Cloud and Non-Cloud Deployments

MessageSolution offers flexibility in its enterprise offerings, in terms of scale and deployment type. Kevin Mcinerney, MessageSolution marketing strategist, highlights NSF Database Archive's scalability, which is appropriate for any organization size. "MessageSolution's newly available advanced Enterprise eDiscovery Suite for Domino effectively helps the organization of all sizes range from 50,000 enterprise clients to 5-user SME clients cost-effectively meet their eDiscovery requirements."

MessageSolution's enterprise offerings can be deployed either as a suite of applications, or separately as individual solutions. Setting these up as a centrally-managed archiving solution will enable management from one console, which gives added efficiency and cost benefits. For example, this includes determining candidate files to be archived, single-instancing (de-duplication) and compression.

As an organization grows, IT managers will find cloud-based and managed archiving solutions to be useful in mitigating space, storage and processing concerns. MessageSolution's scalable enterprise archive and platform-migration services will make management easier for IT managers, and searching easier for users.