MetaVis Bridges Governance Gaps in Office 365, SharePoint Online

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MetaVis just unveiled new capabilities for Office 365 and SharePoint Online that will provide users with tighter administration and governance of their cloud-based content. According to MetaVis, the capabilities fill important holes in Office 365 environments by offering views of everything that happens to content inside those environments.

Office 365 Governance

The new SharePoint administration and analytic capabilities meet the needs of enterprises that are finding the management and governance of their content in the cloud a problem, MetaVis stated. It does this through a single interface in the MetaVis Office 365 and Administration Suites.

The company also stated that the capabilities are a response to growing demand by enterprises for something that is easy to install and easy to use. According to Peter Senescu, president and co-founder of MetaVis:

We heard from our Office 365 customers as well as our hosted SharePoint customers that they need an easy to install and use enterprise solution to better understand the content they have in the cloud and need daily management tools to secure and administer that content."

Obviously, ease of use and deployment are relative terms here, and until the capabilities are tried and tested by users, it is impossible to say how easy they will be to install and manage. However, MetVis has built its reputation on ease-of-use of its migration tools.

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MetaVis Office 365 Administration

Governing Cloud Content

The new capabilities are a response to the growing number of companies that are moving at least some of their content to the cloud, as well as what MetaVis CEO Steve Pogrebivsky called "a lack of administrative functionality" in SharePoint Online and Office 365 out of the box.

In a blog post about the new capabilities, he said Microsoft's failure to provide this kind of functionality has made it necessary for enterprises to look elsewhere:

As organizations move to the cloud, the demand for tighter security and control increases. Unfortunately, hosted SharePoint environments, like Office 365, lack the administrative dashboards and reports to monitor and manage the content that flows through site collections on a daily basis. Without these tools readily accessible organizations cannot maximize and optimize their content."

There are other products on the market that claim to do the same. However, the difference between MetaVis and the rest, Pogrebivsky said, is that most are very hard to install and require on-premises servers.

Learning Opportunities

MetaVis is introducing a number of management capabilities, including integrated security, backup, change management and taxonomy software. But from an end-user perspective, the real strong point will be the new reporting functions.

Using these functions, users will be able to see the most common statistics needed to keep SharePoint Online and Office 365 deployments on track.

They offer insights for several key areas including content, activity and basic settings, and most importantly, offer a birds eye view of all the content in your system as well as insights into how it is being used and by who.

They also work across on-premises and online versions of SharePoint, a boon to organizations with hybrid environments rather than pure cloud environments.