News Bites Updates on Google Analytics AvePoint Meetings

News Bites: Updates on Google Analytics, AvePoint Meetings

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Mid-summer week's news: Google Analytics releases a case history, Kenshoo culls gaming stats, AvePoint adds new features to Meetings, FileTrail and Doculabs offer webinars on info governance and Concept Searching expands into governance and compliance.

Google Analytics' Data Import

Google Analytics has released a case history of its new data Import function, which helps unify data from different systems and now supports a new query time mode to join current and historical analytical data. The case history looks at consumer legal services brand Avvo.

Kenshoo on Gaming

Kenshoo, a digital marketing tech provider, has assembled stats from various sources into an infographic about digital ads in the Media & Entertainment space, which account for slightly more than 10 percent of total digital ad spending.

Nearly 60 percent of American users of the Internet are active gamers. It's not your child's gaming anymore. While about a third are under 18, and about a third are 18 to 36, a bit more than a third – 36 percent – are over 36 years old. There are more male gamers than female, but not hugely more – 55 to 45 percent.

By 2018, Kenshoo predicts slightly more than half of all social network users will be active social gamers. And the stats indicate that 84 percent of game sales can be predicted by what users click in searches.


From the Kenshoo infographic

AvePoint Updates Meetings

AvePoint has released a new service pack update for its SharePoint-based meetings solution for organizing meetings, taking notes and tracking task assignments.

Learning Opportunities

New features include integration with Microsoft Outlook and new rich text editing features.

2014-10-July-AvePoint Meetings-Images.jpg

A screen from AvePoint  Meetings.

Governance News

Info management solution provider FileTrail and strategy consulting firm Doculabs are hosting a series of thought leadership webinars focused on how organizations can utilize effective Information Governance policies.

The first one, on oil and gas, begins July 17 at 10 AM PST, followed by ones on the pharmaceutical, financial services, government and insurance industries. Registration is required.  

Speaking of governance, Concept Searching is now offering information governance, compliance and policy enforcement for enterprises, using Microsoft's OneDrive for Business library for work documents. OneDrive for Business is an integrated part of either Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013.

Images from Kenshoo and AvePoint.