We’re heading into earnings territory at the end of the month, and we’re expecting a good show from OpenText again. We only mention this because OpenText has a habit of introducing something tasty before earnings release. This time is no exception with the announcement that OpenText Tempo Box and OpenText eDOCS DM are available for Windows 8.

OpenText, Windows 8

This is not really a surprise as OpenText has been a long-standing Microsoft partner that has mirrored major Microsoft releases over the years. In this case it has clearly been working with Windows 8 for a long time as there are a whole bunch of OpenText products that either work with Windows 8 now, or have it on their immediate roadmaps.

Among them are solutions for OpenText Capture, OpenText Provision, Case360 and MBPM. Similarly, OpenText Content Server, Enterprise Connect and Email Management, as well as the OpenText Portal, Web Experience Management and Media Management products.

We have come across both OpenText Tempo Box and OpenText eDOCS DM before and in different versions, but just to see what we’re getting here let’s have a look again:

Tempo Box

Tempo Box is an easy-to-use secure, file transfer and synchronization service that combines flexibility with tight security and compliance elements that enables users to exchange information while at the same time adhering to compliance and regulatory enterprise protocols.

With Windows 8 compatibility, users will able to use it on Windows 8 devices enabling them to access, edit and manage files from those devices as well as edit files in other apps that are also present on the device. It also enables direct integration with the user’s corporate LDAP or AD directory for tighter security when sharing using Tempo Box.


For OpenText, eDOCS DM is a core element of its information management portfolio and strategy. It enables users to capture, organize, locate and share business content in a secure, integrated, and intuitive environment.

Key features include email management, records management, document imaging and also enables easy collaboration across the enterprise.

As might be expected, the new app enables users do all this from their Windows 8 device. It supports Windows touch interactions and offers a consistent user experience with eDOCS DM content on any Windows 8 or Windows RT device regardless of form factor.

In the case of both OpenText Tempo Box and eDOCS DM users will be able to use the new touch screen capabilities and cloud-connected access in conjunction with the new security elements that come with Windows 8.

All editions of Tempo Box including CS10, Express and Cloud editions are available immediately. Tempo Box is also now available in the Windows Store. OpenText eDOCS DM for Windows 8 is available now from OpenText, with the mobile app for Windows RT available for download from the Windows Store.