Oracle Endeca Opens up to E-Business Tools
Oracle has opened up its Endeca business intelligence system to its e-business tools, a way to use huge amounts of data in a more time sensitive and measured approach to desicion making.

Searching for Insight

Searching through vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to find the most meaningful business intelligence is exactly what Oracle Endeca is made for, and now that power is integrated with the company's E-Business Suite. Oracle's E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca include tools for things like warehouse and inventory management, and also business process and manufacturing specific applications.

Oracle's enterprise search ability was featured prominently in the latest Gartner MQ report, and as a segment leader, it earned high marks for flexibility and reducing ambiguity of results. Naturally, those are two important features for non technical users who might be employing the system in their line of business. Being flexible means it can work in a variety of industries, and reducing ambiguous results simply means greater accuracy.

E-Business Visualized

Businesses can benefit from the Endeca system by taking advantage of its visual displays and real time information access, Oracle claims, so the e-business extensions are a logical outgrowth of this. Oracle knows one of its greatest assets is in being able to sell itself as an all in one package, so again, this move plays right into that. 

Learning Opportunities

The company is obviously targeting its existing e-business customers with this move, and if Endeca's search ability is a good as it says, those customers will be virtually locked into Oracle even more than they already are. Additionally, depending on which customers are using Endeca, they may also be getting a new pricing scheme, the above noted Gartner MQ revealed.

Some customers are being charged by process instead of the long standing model of pricing by data record, Gartner noted. That might change things for some customers, but it will depend on how they use the system. Oracle did not announce when the e-business tools would be available.