Oracle NetSuite Partnership
Oracle’s “startling” week continues with a third announcement in a series of partnerships that were flagged by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison last week. This time, it’s with NetSuite, which in partnership with Oracle will bring Human Capital Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to the small-and-medium business (SMB) space.

Oracle, NetSuite

The announcement was made late yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon PST and came in the shape of a joint press conference chaired by NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson and Oracle co-president Mark Hurd.

This follows announcements made earlier in the week in a similar vein when Oracle announced a new partnership with Salesforce and, more surprisingly, with Microsoft.

Oracle does all kinds of deals with all kinds of companies on a regular basis, but the value of this week’s deals for Oracle is underlined by the fact that in all three cases it brought out some of the really big C-Suite guns to announce them.

In the case of NetSuite, the partnership will give enterprises that sign-up to the package Oracle’s HCM Cloud and NetSuite’s Cloud ERP solutions bundled together for sales and financials.

NetSuite In The Cloud

NetSuite is another company that claims to be the Daddy of all clouds and didn't miss this opportunity to stress that. NetSuite, Nelson said, was the first cloud company. The cloud started with NetSuite and there should be no confusion about that. Whether that actually matters or not is debatable, but Salesforce is the largest, and Oracle tied that deal up earlier in the week so it has all its bases covered in this respect.

What is important is what Nelson believes the deal will bring to both partners:

[We will] bring customers an integrated solution that combines Net Suite’s solutions that automate business processes with Oracle’s suite for managing people processes…Customers will benefit from the commonality of the products’ underlying Oracle-based architecture and the enormous investment in R&D and customer service that both companies bring to the table,” Nelson said.

The ever-practical Hurd added that HR technologies are to a large extent overlooked in terms of service provision and investment of IT dollars. This partnership, he says, is a solution to that.

That NetSuite and Oracle have partnered is not really “startling” but it is interesting and completes a busy week for Oracle as its pushes further into the cloud.

Oracle, NetSuite Partnership

The two companies have always had a close relationship, with Larry Ellison acting as NetSuite's first backer in the early days, while NetSuite’s CEO was Oracle’s VP of marketing in the 1990s. Quite a cozy relationship, you might say, and by the looks of things, one that is likely to get cozier.

In the conference call around the announcement, Hurd told analysts that they should think of it in terms of a “continuing integration of our products” and that every quarter the two companies will be getting closer and closer together.

And that’s really where this partnership is going. While its starting off with the HR and ERP products it should not be considered as a once off event. “It should be considered as “rolling thunder as opposed to an event,” Hurd concluded.

Image courtesy of Melpomene (Shutterstock)