Business analytics provider Pentaho has released faster big data analytics and BI tools for the iPad with its Pentaho 4.8 suite.

Analytics in general is getting better at producing good results with large data sets, but Pentaho is always looking for improvements in this area. With that in mind, the company has released a tool called Instaview for quick, interactive analytics, and another called Mobile BI for generating reports and visualizing data on an iPad.

Pentaho Instaview

Similar to Pentaho's v4.5 release, this round of updates to the company's BI tools includes full access to Hadoop, NoSQL and Web data sets. Additionally, data can be prepared without IT intervention and with easy drag and drop functionality. That means exploring big data and analyzing key insights to drive businesses of all kinds.


Instaview makes big data easier to work with and more digestible to non technical users.

Mobile BI

Ready to put your new iPad or iPad Mini to work? Check out Pentaho's visualization tools that can be produced right from the popular tablets themselves. It's one thing to view already prepared reports on a mobile device, and another to build quick powerful analytics reports. 

We especially like the ability to customize start up locations on the iPad. Keep important items like sales maps ready to go for quick updates or presentations. There's also a section for favorites so all the most important reports people need are easy to find.


As an open source system, Pentaho can also integrate its BI tools into industry-specific or domain-specific analytic mobile applications.

Pentaho is holding a webinar Wednesday, November 14 at 9:00 am EST for those who would like to see the system up close.  Donna Prlich, director, product marketing and Bo Borland, director of pre-sales will be speakers during the hour long session.

Pricing is available on request for both products and there is a free 30 day trial period as well. Tell us in the comments if you've been looking for an iPad tool like this or if you don't mind keeping that kind of big data functionality on a laptop or desktop.