With so many new and existing mobile apps to track, comprehensive app analytics is essential for developers and publishers. This week, a Moscow, Russia-based startup launched a free, all-in-one mobile analytics suite for reporting and marketing analysis. 

The company, devtodev, described its offering as the first app analytics service combining data from a single SDK plus either an iTunes Connect or a Google Play account, delivered in a customizable format. First offered in beta in September, the platform is designed to present both app market trends and the performance of individual apps.

The company launched in January, backed by the Russian investment firm IMI Investing Company, whose initials stand for In Mobile Investment. IMI is headed by Igor Matsanyuk, a former vice president of Mail.ru, now the largest Internet company in Russia. Several co-founders of Mail.ru are also involved in IMI as investors.

One Platform

Founder and managing director Dmitry Kravtsov said in a statement that developers can now get a variety of analytics, including active users, user behavior, revenue per user and lifetime value in one place with custom reporting tools using “any combination or setting of app metrics across any timeframe.”

This all-in-one approach, according to the company, means developers and publishers can eliminate the need to use separate platforms to track revenue from various app stores, user behavior or competitive analyses.


Project Summary in devtodev, with cross-platform comparison

One graph, for instance, is used to compare the lifetime performance of various apps on different platforms. Stats can be broken down into such sections as purchase and gaming reports or segmented by country and language. 

DevStore, Tools for Advertising

The platform includes the ability to create custom user groups and to manage data access for individual users. A DevStore offers free additional functions that can be added through the devtodev SDK, including a cheat-tracking system for iOS or Android apps and tools for advertising. An Education Center contains case studies and best practices and documentation. A mobile ad network is being planned.


Customizable widgets in devtodev

As mobile apps have boomed, analytics platforms are rapidly jockeying to unveil new features. Rebecca Buttle, public relations associate at devtodev, told CMSWire.com that her company’s platform offers several important differentiators from competitors.

She said Flurry provides fixed reports based on internal app data, while devtodev has “broader market data as well as internal app data,” plus a reporting widget system for customizing metrics. On the other hand, Buttle said, App Annie/App Figures offers broad market analytics but without devtodev’s internal app stats.

As for mobile analytics platforms from Google, WebTrends and Amazon, she said devtodev expands on analytics with a comparison of data from such sources as iTunes Connect and Google Play, and it is the “first platform providing specific reports for game projects,” such as user distribution by levels.