Webtrends (news, site) made a double-whammy announcement at this year’s Engage 2010 conference. The Web analytics solution provider released both advanced targeting capabilities and Webtrends Mobile Analytics. Heads up marketers, this one’s for you.

Webtrends Optimize Advanced Targeting

We recently talked about what some consider the missing step in Web analytics – a.k.a. the part where organizations can actually understand them – and the companies that are doing what they can to provide remedies (e.g. Quantivo).

Webtrends Optimize Advanced Targeting is such a solution, offering self-service testing, segmentation, and targeting for solid results in little time.This means marketers can apply what they learned from their testing their campaigns to target specific customer segments.

Here’s a brief overview of the features:

  • Unified Enterprise Site Optimization Platform for site testing, real-time segmentation, and content targeting
  • Intuitive Interface Designed for Marketers
  • Segment- and Rules-Based Testing and Targeting
  • Improved Reporting, Work Flow and Administration
  • On Demand Enterprise Class Technology

…and a quick look at the UI:


 Webtrends Optimize reporting screenshot

"Webtrends Optimize delivers the industry’s first comprehensive, yet intuitive, unified enterprise site optimization platform for marketers," said Casey Carey, Webtrends’ vice president of product. "Now, marketers can test, segment, target and personalize content within a single environment holistically with little or no IT assistance.”

Webtrends Mobile Analytics

The name pretty much says it all. Webtrends Mobile Analyrics allows anyone working with mobile content and marketing programs the ability to determine how customers are engaging with both mobile websites and applications:


Learning Opportunities

Webtrends Mobile Analytics screenshot

Here's the sort of stuff users can do with the tool:

  • Create and track any number of metrics specific to the business
  • Understand, measure and influence all drivers of traffic to mobile sites, including paid advertising, other web properties and social media tools and networks
  • Enhance customer experience based on precise monitoring of mobile navigation patterns
  • Prioritize site design decisions based on detailed insight about the mobile devices customers use
  • Understand how mobile investments contribute to broader marketing programs by integrating mobile, standard web and other online data

"Business on the web is synonymous with business on a mobile device and Webtrends will help you measure and optimize your mobile assets and applications alongside the rest of your customer intelligence data," explained Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder.

Closing the Gap

Webtrends isn't the first to allow a more hands-on response to data. Like we mentioned earlier, Quantivo also released a do-it-yourself solution for behavioral analytics that goes as far as to allow you to export any amount of information to a CRM database like Salesforce.com. 

Additionally, some viable sources are backing up interactive marketing and testing. Forrester Research, for example, says mobile marketing investments are slated to triple over the next five years. Moreover, they referred to online testing as an “underused technology solution” within the world of site optimization.

The point? We expect to see solutions like these continue to make their mark on the market. Best get in on the action now. Want to start with Webtrends? Check out more details about their new solutions here