Mobile ad company Smaato brings a new analytics app for those in need of click numbers and stats on the move.

Smart Numbers

Smaato develops mobile advertising solutions, platforms and SDKs for advertisers across the spectrum of mobile devices. Its Smaato Open Mobile Advertising (SOMA) platform is now linked with App Store-stats gurus, App Annie, allowing users to get data and market intelligence on their ad network and sales analytics from mobile apps in one place.

With the iOS market going great guns -- its 10 billionth app download to iPhone or iPad is expected any day now -- finding out how your app is doing compared to others is a big deal. This combination will help developers refine their app strategies, adjust pricing and so on to get a better response for their apps.

How to be A Hit

One example highlighted by the deal is that developers can see how many sales they need to get their app into the top lists where extra free promotion is guaranteed to lead to more exposure and further sales. App Annie's iOS historical rankings features, part of its market intelligence services, are incorporated into the SOMA platform, helping developers find which regions it is easier to break into the top levels of apps sold. 


App Annie shows how your apps are selling

Smaato helps on the ad side, linking appropriate ad networks to your apps and managing the relationship between network and publishers as well as providing the software for developers to add adverts to their apps with ease.

The tie-up is a logical move that will see users get the best intelligence possible for their apps and see how sales and revenue can be improved.