One vendor touts its latest solution’s ability to afford organizations the freedoms and flexibility to keep the flow of archived emails going to, well, wherever they want without any stranglehold.

Another’s solution powers users to quickly back up Office 365 SharePoint and restore content while retaining version history and metadata.

Archiving and Backing Up

Metalogix and MetaVis today announce archiving and backup solutions, respectively.

information management,SharePoint players Metalogix, Metavis Debut Email Archiving, Backup Solutions

Metalogix released an email management suite that migrates, stores, secures and protects email and file content for on premises and hybrid cloud environments. The new solutions, Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition 6.0 and Metalogix Email Migrator 1.0, operate in tandem, and leaders at the company said it enables enterprises to achieve a scalable email and file archive. 

MetaVis Technologies released a new version of its MetaVis Backup for SharePoint software -- MetaVis Backup Power User Edition.  

Why These Products? 

We asked each of the vendors why their products released today are unique. 

Matthew Brundl-Pandzich, director of the archiving business unit for Metalogix, said flexibility is a key factor for Metalogix’s updated email archive solution. End users will not be “held hostage” by Metalogix, he said, if their data needs have changed and they need to migrate content elsewhere. 

Asked if most other vendors offer this type of freedom, Metalogix executives in a call with CMSWire said no.

“From a ‘wow’ factor, using this interface is so simple,” Brundl-Pandzich said. “This is the gateway to take your documents back into whatever system you want, and you can have more than one system running concurrently.”

information management,SharePoint players Metalogix, Metavis Debut Email Archiving, Backup Solutions

Alicia Libucha, spokesperson for MetaVis, said the wow factor for them is how simple and affordable (US$ 594) it is to backup Office 365 SharePoint content.  

“We have found that many Office 365 users are just looking for an easy way to backup and restore their content and that is exactly what this product is designed to do,” she said in an email to CMSWire. “The cloud offers many benefits and companies/power users need to ensure that they can back up one of their most valuable assets -- their content/data.” 

Product Features 

The new version of Metalogix’s Archive Manager supports the Symantec Enterprise Vault and EMC EmailXtender. In Q4, targets include Metalogix Archive Manager and Microsoft Exchange and will support Mimosa NearPoint and GFI.

Hudson Casson, director of marketing in the archiving business unit for Metalogix, said that managing emails is not just about archiving but also compliance.

“We’re trying to look at a much bigger picture,” he said. “… We’re giving customers the freedom to move from platform to platform, and you don’t have to stay with us. If you want to move to Google or Office 365, we’ll facilitate that.”

MetaVis, meanwhile, said it has seen a growing number of customers adopting Office 365 or a hybrid SharePoint environment. Its product does not include agents and has no server-side controls required to install or deploy. Backup Power User Edition is based on MetaVis Backup for SharePoint a key component of the MetaVis Office 365 Suite that provides migration, backup and security tools for managing Office 365.

"Restoring content no longer requires an email to your SharePoint support desk who in turn needs to dig up that old tape and perform a long, laborious sequence of steps,” MetaVis Product Manager Chris Kolodziejski blogged today. “Now with Backup Power User Edition, the user themselves can simply point to their file or folders and choose to restore their own content. In a matter of seconds, the content, version history and metadata are all restored right back into SharePoint.” 

SharePoint Players

Last month, we named Metalogix and MetaVis as vendors who can help work out SharePoint migration strategies. Metalogix’ Content Matrix product is one of the standards in this space, we reported, and is now in Version 6. Content Matrix is the natural evolution of the older Metalogix Migration Manager and offers users the possibility of identifying all their content easily, building out new site structures and moving content only when the user is ready.

Another household name in the SharePoint world, MetaVis' Migration Suite enables migration between SharePoint editions, as well as the migration of file share content, or Google content using a single tool.