This App Promises to Protect Your Salesforce Data

If you haven’t protected the data you're holding in Salesforce, you’re taking a  risk. What if it disappears? What if you loose it? There are recovery apps available to deal with those kinds of scenarios, but they are often complicated, expensive and difficult to use.

Spanning claims its upgrade offers an alternative.

According to the Texas-based start-up, its updated Backup for Salesforce App offers new options directly through the user interface. It enables business users and anyone else tasked with securing customer information not only the ability to back-up, but also the ability to restore data.

Restore and Back-up

Spanning isn't just splitting hairs when it specifies it can both back-up and restore data.  According to Andrea Lindzey, marketing campaign manager with Spanning, this is about restoring your information exactly the same as it was before it was lost.

This means that it also deals with issues around versioning, document history or even problems related to recreating data in the event of an incident. He explained:

We’re redefining data recovery by insisting that if you can’t easily get your information directly back into your SaaS applications exactly the way it was before, then your backups aren’t worth what they could (and should) be.

In fact, they may cost you - time, effort, and productivity spent reimporting data in a less usable form, recreating data that wasn’t properly backed up, or waiting for your entire database to be recovered instead of just the objects you need."

Spanning is describing this as a “significant” upgrade as it offers an on-page Salesforce data restore function for data objects like accounts, contacts and leads along with metadata and attachments.

Spanning Salesforce backup.jpg

End users initiate the restore process by clicking the “Restore” button within a record and then comparing and selecting individual fields to restore within object records, such as phone numbers, activity logs or attachments. 

Spanning claims it's easy enough to do without special training. This differs from many current offerings on the market as this is designed for the end user, who can restore data without having to contact administrators or IT departments.

It also does away with the need to restore data based on specific records from a local, weekly export as it provides the granular restore of Salesforce data from any point in time.

Google Guarantee

The Backup for Salesforce upgrade is not the only news from Spanning today. It has also unveiled a Google Apps 100 percent Restore Guarantee.

This means that Spanning is guaranteeing users that they will be able to restore lost data back to its original state 100 percent of the time. If it can’t do that, it will give customers ten times their money back for each failed restore operation for that user account.

The update for Spanning Backup for Salesforce is available to customers in the Salesforce AppExchange as a free 14-day trial or for purchase with a $30 per-user, per-year subscription with unlimited storage. Backup for Google Apps is available costs $40 per-user, per-year subscription and unlimited storage.