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Just when you thought the knowledge management space could not possibly get anymore crowded, Egnyte bursts into the market with a hybrid storage/collaboration/content management solution.Egnyte is aimed at companies that are too small to deploy SharePoint, but want more features and a prettier UI than Google Apps or Zoho Office. If Egnyte had to be compared to anything, the best comparison would be to Koral (now known as ContentExchange) With so many established competitors, one must wonder as to whether or not a niche so small can keep the company afloat. Despite concerns about the target market, Egnyte is compelling nonetheless. Hoping to avoid a shortcoming typical of both Google and Microsoft, Egnyte is fully cross-platform with support for Windows, Mac, and yes -- even Linux. Smart move. In such a competitive field, the up-front investment in cross-platfrom support up front should pay dividends in adoption later. But enough about competitors and compatibility. How do you use Egnyte? Like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, users choose from one of two paths. The first option enables you to upload the content you want managed onto a website, a la Google Apps. Once uploaded, the content can be shared with collaborators and version-controlled. The second option requires installation of the Egnyte Uploader, an app that automatically syncs files between a desktop and the Web. Once the uploader is installed, users simply choose individual pieces of content, or even folders that they want "egnyted," and drop them into the tool. Egnyte then monitors the items for changes. If your company is in the market for a content management solution (and according to Gartner you should be), Egnyte provides an interesting alternative to existing enterprise solutions. Ready to pull the trigger? Head to Egnyte and sign up for a free account with 1 GB of storage. To learn about Egnyte before signing up, head over to Read/WriteWeb and read about Egnyte's features. There's also posted discussion about Egnyte's position in the enterprise content management market.