Blogger Adsense
In a move sure to excite more chattering keyboards than real cash Google has announced they will begin sharing AdSense revenue with the users of their online Blogging service, Blogs + AdSense = BlogSense From the Blogger knowledge base:
"This may shock you at first so steel yourself for the idea. Ready? We are going to start paying bloggers. Soon you will be blogging for dollars. That's right people, chocolate is to peanut butter like AdSense is to blogs."
With this move Goggle has effectively hired an army of content generators and can now slowly train them to create effective advertising realestate, for well, in most though not all cases, chump change. Bravo Google. Not that there's anything wrong with this. In fact its all positive from what I see. Previously there were AdSense ads embedded in all of Google's free Blogger sites, but the bloggers didn't get any of the financial action. Now, if a blogger want ads in their blog, they control them, and they take home a bit of the cash. Who's going to complain about that. Bravo Google. The one catch is to get this all working you are now required to set up a new Google AdSense account. There's two things about this that may catch your eye. One, its not trivial to get this all going (ok not that hard, but has some new concepts to learn). Two, you must provide Google with all your personal information, including your social security or tax ID number. As perhaps an aside, we all love Google dearly, but once in a while I pause while watching my Google toolbar light up and wonder just what is or may in the future happen with all this data dear mother Google has got in her cupboards.