iUpload, a web content management solution provider, has launched its Personal Publishing application, the latest addition to the iUpload Application Suite. Personal Publishing allows organizations to take advantage of the blogging phenomenon at a corporate level to connect and stay connected with employees, customers, partners or other key constituencies. iUpload Personal Publishing provides a self-service, fully branded blogging and mobile blogging application that allows users to post content (text, images, photos, links, audio, etc.) from anywhere (web, email, mobile phone, camera phone). Members of online communities created with iUpload Personal Publisher can choose to receive alerts via RSS when content of interest is available. The content collected through iUpload Personal Publisher becomes a knowledge base available for mining and reuse as desired using tools from iUpload for aggregation, integration, publication and management of this content. The blogging phenomenon is demonstrating the reach of personal publishing as communications and knowledge sharing channel. "E-mail was recently the favored medium for an organization to stay connected with its constituency," states Robin Hopper, president and CEO of iUpload. "But that medium doesn't lend itself to aggregation, and its effectiveness has been severely compromised by Spam. iUpload Personal Publishing allows companies to extend the blogging metaphor to staff, partners, customers and even site visitors, empowering them to easily share information from anywhere while extending the brand and reach of content. Organizations that use iUpload Personal Publishing can quickly create a grass-roots mechanism for knowledge sharing that is very simple to use and accessible to everyone. This is a great way for an organization to extend its presence and include all of those in its community who could be sharing knowledge and corporate intelligence, but aren't because they lack the means." Like other iUpload content management offerings, iUpload Personal Publishing is a service and activates quickly, without requiring an investment of new hardware or software. Organizations do not have to build an infrastructure for corporate blogging if they use iUpload Personal Publishing services. Furthermore, iUpload Personal Publishing integrates seamlessly with existing content and web infrastructure, and organizations have complete control and great flexibility with respect to how they aggregate the content they collect through the service. Every aspect of iUpload Personal Publisher can be branded, from the registration interface to the content templates, completely immersing the user in the subscribing organization's brand. To see an example of how a branded iUpload Personal Publishing application looks, please visit: http://www.iuplog.com. About iUpload Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Burlington, ON, Canada, iUpload helps organizations optimize the marketing potential of their content by delivering end-to-end web content management solutions. The company's net-native iUpload Application Suite consists of content management, content search, email marketing, survey, collaboration, and XML syndication modules that provide clients with the tools to easily create, capture, manage, distribute and analyze all aspects of their web content. The iUpload net-native and scalable approach allow it to seamlessly integrate into any environment and have made it a viable solution for a wide range of customers such as the American Farm Bureau, Capitol College, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Sierra Club, 724 Solutions, the City of Columbus, Mold-Masters Ltd., MOSAID, Ontario Ministry of Health, Cannondale, Western Financial Group and Molsons. Further information on iUpload can be found online at: http://www.iupload.com.