UK-based Jadu is positioning its latest release, Jadu Blogs for Jadu 1.7 CMS, as something, if not bigger than blog platforms like WordPress and Movable Type, then in a league all its own. A league we foolishly didn't even consider. A league in which blogging is a reason, in and of itself, to start thinking CMS. To leave no room for imagination, Jadu itself calls its Blogs offering "Blog Content Management." Well, that's something we can run away with.Jadu Blogs will include the following saucy upgrades: * Web mash-up page design (eh?) * tagging * RSS feed aggregation * blogging and the (new!) ability to blog across all sites and intranets Jadu Blogs is expected to nicely complement v1.7's stock offerings: statistical reporting, user behavior data, integrated Google search, tech support, and eGIF (which governs the flow of information across government and the public) and e-Government Metadata Standard (eGMS) compliance. "We want to focus our blogging technology on collaboration, content and file management, to enable open communications and knowledge sharing between people, projects and departments," CEO Suraj Kika magnanimously proclaimed. Bless Kika's heart. Jadu will be updating all customers, including government bodies, to Jadu 1.7 CMS over the next year. Naturally, all will be getting the free Jadu Blogs enhancement. Existing clients include The Alzheimer’s Society, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, and North Warwickshire Borough Council. Meet Jadu here.