Movable Type 3.2
Movable Type 3.2 is out the gate and the reception has been favorable. MT software maker Six Apart announced the forthcoming update a few days ago at the Blog Business Summit in San Francisco. Highlights include simplified install and config, much improved spam controls, new administrative tools, and some liberalization of the licensing model.Six Apart's list of 32 favorite features of v3.2 includes:
  1. System Overview: A home for administrators
  2. Feedback rating framework
  3. The Junk Folder
  4. TrackBack moderation and editing
  5. Blog feedback settings
  6. Better Listings Pages Throughout Movable Type 3.2
  7. Search Globally, Replace Locally
  8. Powerful plugin management
  9. Trusted commenters
  10. Simpler Templating for Comments and TrackBacks
  11. Commenter management
  12. Improved Documentation
  13. Activity Log improvements
  14. Main menu display improvements
  15. Easiest Upgrade Ever
  16. New multi-category selection widget
  17. Dynamic Publishing support for PostgreSQL and SQLite
  18. Outbound TrackBack Control
  19. Entry Basename Control
  20. Customize Listings Screens Actions with Plugins
  21. New Template Management Screens
  22. Smart New Templates
  23. Define Default Templates for All Your Blogs
  24. Better Archive Management and Simple Custom File Paths
  25. Amazingly Automatic Authentication
You can learn more in the Six Apart announcement or for ProNet members, in the MT ProNet Blog.