Now even citizen bloggers can get all Web 2.0'ed out. MT-Hacks, a resource for all your eyebrow-raising Movable Type plugin needs, has just launched an AJAX-powered comments system. It is called Ajax Comments. Movable Type has always had a really unique developer (plugin) community, but with its repositioning of MT4 as less of a blog platform than a series of combined plugins, creativity has really been able to flourish. (Compare it to Facebook opening its back-end to applications by outside developers.*) For example, Socialtext recently built a plugin that enables MT users to wiki in tangent with their blogs. Isn't that special? Anywho, Ajax Comments sounds exactly like what it does: it enables users to submit comments via AJAX, which means new responses to your posts will appear without users having to refresh the page. And Mark over at MT-Hacks promises that setup takes just a few minutes. Ajax Comments enables comments to be submitted via AJAX, without the page refreshing. It comes with templates that are easy to install, making it easy to setup Ajax Comments in on your MT4 blog in just a few minutes. Hit MT-Hacks for a live demo. -- *You know, with regards to Facebook releasing some of its code for developers to play with, we get really tired of saying "opening its back-end." But in the interest of time and space, there doesn't seem to be a better expression. So if you see a really hilarious bathroom pun there, pretend like you didn't.