Bloggers, publishers, and content management professionals take note, Microsoft's My MSN portal is now supporting RSS content aggregation and has launched an RSS directory. All very much like Yahoo!, but just a tad late on the scene. London-based Moreover Technologies is providing the back-end functionality for the My MSN RSS. Features will include the ability to search for available RSS feeds and then subscribe to them. My MSN subscribers will also be able to add arbitrary RSS feeds manually by providing a site URL.In related news, Microsoft also recently launched their MSN Spaces beta. MSN Spaces is Microsoft's blogging service which also provides RSS 2.0 support for syndicating content. The relationships between the services are obviously quite symbiotic with the aggregation directory providing a gateway to the Spaces content. My MSN users can learn more here. Content publishers should note that My MSN is designed to display feeds that comply with all versions of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or Atom, however it is optimized to read RSS version 2.0. Adding your content to MSN's crawl is a simple process. So simple in fact, if you currently publish RSS, its probably already been done. If MSN has not already included your content, you may log into My MSN as a user and attempt to add the feed in question to your personal portal. In cases where the feed is not already known by MSN, they claim they will add it within 24 short little hours.