Looking to add mobility to your sleepy content site? Have a little Flux, peppered with some Social Project magic. Flux is a social media distribution platform that enables media companies and bloggers to "virally" distribute content without losing the reins on their brands. To precipitate the dissemination of the Flux social media platform across publishers, Social Project has built some handy little tools, alongside brands like Capital Records, TheDailyShow.com, and indy firms like The Plugg, 3hive and X17online."We’re making profiles and other social tools available wherever communities organically form," explained CEO Evan Rifkin of Social Project. Now Flux users (enterprise bloggers, ideally) can choose from social media tools to soup up their online content, from widgets to fully-hosted community subsites. Levels of "Flux integration" vary as follows: fShare is probably the easiest way to try Flux out if you're not feeling super-committed. It's a widget that enables users to seed content and guide traffic back to their sites. It can be added to videos, photos and blogs or other content-serving sites. Flux Lite enables clients to build communities of members, each with their own profile page and "Members online" widget. And no, you need no technical expertise to set this bad-boy up. Flux Custom includes both the fShare and Flux Lite offerings, in addition to what the company likes to call "a full-blown community offering." Use Flux Custom to unite existing sites, or build a whole new community. Other features include a member directory, log-in, "Featured Members" tools and content detail pages. Content moderation and approval, as well as user flagging, comes stock. Social Project hosts offices in Santa Monica, CA; New York and Moscow.