Zimplit CMS Grows, Adds Hosting and Browser Plugin

We've been following Zimplit from the very moment of birth of this new open source, PHP-based micro CMS venture. Then, we covered Zimplit on a number of occasions, including when the vendor released Zimplit CMS 1.1 and evolved to the point of adding inline editing capabilities.

So what is it now, you ask? Aside from the fact that the CMS designed for "normal people, not for IT gurus" grew its customer base to more than 50,000 users around the world, Zimplit (all encouraged by this kind of attention to develop further and add new features) released a set of new features to make its little mini CMS more powerful than Mini-Me.

Zimplit says it is so thrilled by the growing customer base, it is adding new features "every day." Some of the latest significant changes include:

Browser Add-On

This changes "drastically the way you edit your website." The add-on allows you to create and edit your website "with one click" in the web browser. To learn more, check out this demo.  Feel excited? Go ahead and install it and give it a try. Zimplit add-on is available for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Don’t like browser plugins and inline editing? Zimplit has another option for you.

Zimplit Hosted Version

From micro CMS to (the growing in popularity) SaaS CMS, that's how Zimplit rolls. Recently, the vendor started offering a hosted version of its content management platform. Whether it's a true SaaS CMS proposition is a different story, but Zimplit promises that users can set up a website and e-mail account(s) in five minutes, for €1.00 per month.

New Themes

Zimplit has changed the design page and added more website themes. Check out the themes and download new ones from here.

Simple&Cheap = Best?

Good to see things moving along in the Zimplit universe, even better would be to see more content management sophistication in the upcoming product versions. Unless, of course, the purpose here is to remain as simple as possible for ever and ever and to find that comfortable and prosperous CMS market niche. Stay tuned, we're sure to hear from the "simplest CMS ever" soon.