As the workplace gets more digital and mobile, the need to create more mobile friendly tools is apparent. One application that is being developed to fit this demand is CoTap, a workplace mobile messaging service.

The Workplace: Texts and IM

In recent years texting and instant messaging has slowly been changing how people communicate both in their personal lives and in the workplace. CoTap’s founders, former Yammer Chief Product Officer Jim Patterson and Senior Director of Engineering Zack Parker, have found that the despite the changing communication model in the workplace, there is a need for tools that are designed for the employee who prefer to message colleagues instead of calling them.

CoTap aims to fill this void by allowing users to send short text-based messages to each other. While the product hasn't yet been released, the company has already mentioned some of its features, which include a messaging system similar to SMS which has a one-on-one or group chat functions and the ability to access conversation history from any device, including smartphones, desktop computers and tablets.

As of right now, it is expected to be available in both an Android and iPhone format later this year.

CoTap has also already started funding for development and product expansion. In its Series A Funding round, the company raised US$ 5.5 million. The funding was lead by Charles River Ventures with a contribution from Emergence Capital Partners.

In the Style of Yammer

There aren't a lot of tools out there that can be used for mobile messaging within a company there are a few that do come to mind incuding: CanWeNetwork, Tibbr and WhatsApp. With a market being created for these apps and the BYOD movement, many industry professionals are seeing CoTap as a good product to use. It will not only will improve upon the security and data management issues that BYOD users have, but also do for mobile messaging what Yammer did for the social business.

CoTap said its mission is to simplify mobile communication in the workplace while providing security and compliance features to keep information safe,” said Rebecca Grant of Venture Beat. “ Yammer evolved internal corporate communications by building social features, and CoTap hopes to do with mobile.”

Others agreed with the product's imitation of the Yammer model. Patrick Hodge noted the products technical similarities.

The new company will emulate Yammer's business model in key ways, notably by adopting a freemium model in which employees can independently set up an account and upload contact information for fellow workers," he said.