Mobile App of the Week: Business Networking with CanWeNetwork

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For this week's Mobile App of the Week, we are taking a look at CanWeNetwork, a business networking assistance application.

It’s All about the Conversation

Being a good conversationalist is a key part of networking and making a lasting impression in the business world, but as more and more people connect in a digital environment it's getting harder to do this. Launched in September 2012, CanWeNetwork is an iOS and Android app that's designed to bring together LinkedIn users that have shared characteristics and interests, thus putting the conversation back into business networking.

It uses geo-spatial technology and a powerful matching engine to recommend people nearby who you should meet for professional networking and business opportunities,” says the company’s official website. “Your odds of making valuable connections increase immediately.”

Building a Stronger Network

In using LinkedIn, the app aims to connect a user with potential business contacts by comparing profile information, such as a user's skill-set, experience or shared interests. After installing and signing into the app with their LinkedIn profile, CanWeNetwork continually runs in the background to gather these potential connections.The app ranks matches on their relevance; users can choose to receive instant notifications about these connections or view them at their convenience. 


Specific features of the app include the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • Messaging:  Those who use CanWeNetwork can contact each other through a messaging feature.
  • Events and Past Events: CanWeNetwork keeps track of events that a user is attending so that they can connect with other attendees before the event. The app also logs past events so that users can go back and connect with people they may have overlooked.
  • My Networks: Users can join networks, such as their previous employer or employers, to stay in contact with former colleagues and be up-to-date on business opportunities. 
  • Travel: CanWeNetwork can also suggests connections based on a user's current location, so if a user is in a different city, the app can direct them to contacts they might want to network with.

The app also offers privacy controls so that that users can choose what information they want shared with others. 

The Verdict

Upon the app’s initial release, reviews suggested that CanWeNetwork had potential to become a good business tool.

The CanWeNetwork app is a great resource for those looking to bolster their professional networks and create new opportunities for themselves, but it will be highly dependent on whether or not it can attract a large, engaged user base, the lifeblood of any social network of any kind,” said Kat Ashcharya of Mobiledia.

Which over the last few months has proven to be a successful venture, according to recent reviews.

It [CanWeNetwork] looks to build upon the positive features in LinkedIn and to make them much more suitable for the smartphone,” said a review from Know Your Apps. “On top of this, it adds some much needed features that are likely to help you build real relationships much quicker."