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Data is going mobile and web services are increasingly being used onphones, if you're not responding to the rise in mobile, then expect yourbusiness to plummet. They are some of the findings of Chetan Sharma'sState of the Global Mobile Report.

The Rise of Data

There's a good reason why telcos are pushing 4G everywhere they can. These networks, and their 4G+ or 5G successors are needed urgently to manage the massive rise in the use of mobile data. Not only from smartphones and tablets, but also data-equipped laptops.

And, with US$1.5 trillion inrevenue coming from mobile this year, this is a very high stakes game.That's one of the big numbers to be found in the Chetan's report,which suggest data will be the all important factor in the mobilebusiness going forward, as revenue from voice and text messagesdeclines.

So, it's ironic that the likes of Australia and the U.K.barely have a 4G network to rub together, which is causing Apple'sadvertising a lot of trouble with the 4G iPad, and likely the upcoming iPhone 5. However, take a look around the world and you see the until-recently war-ravaged Uganda getting ahead in the 4G game as the global market continues to evolve. That might sound far away, but how much of the U.S. is still 4G free?

The App Game

Thatmight all sound like something for your telco to worry about, but asmobile networks become more data efficient, users will be running theirsmartphones and tablets. So, any company that is still focused on thedesktop web experience for sales, contacts or marketing is going to beincreasingly left out, as those users look for a solution that works ontheir mobile.

Learning Opportunities

Marketing and positioning also becomes important, ifusers can't find your app or site, then they will go somewhere else to.Similarly, if you have digital content, it needs to be available in amobile-friendly format, and fast. With tablets in particular playinghome to huge amounts of video, web magazines and books.


Mobile is rapidly dominating the computing ecosystem

As the report says, "We have entered the mobile 3.0 era where'data' is all that matters and it disrupts the value chains." If youwant to reap the rewards of this era, then you need to be seen as atrusted partner to your clients and customers, and looking globally (ifapplicable) as billions more users join in the smartphone age.

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