New apps are launching today from tech companies around the world, but only a select few get to do it in front of a live audience like at DEMO 2012. The annual tech conference that spawned Tivo, Palm and E-Trade is more focused on mobile devices than ever. No surprise there, but of the many apps going live during the two day conference, which ones show the most promise? Here's the five best new apps from DEMO 2012 in alphabetical order.

DEMO, as the name implies, is a conference that gives new products (and apps) a stage to do their pitches, and then a small panel of judges gives some quick feedback and thoughts based on the performances. The apps here that made the list were the ones that got the best reactions. In fairness, none of the apps blew away the judges, and even if they did, the judges might not be so forthcoming because some of them may be potential investors. DEMO 2012 is in Silicon Valley, after all.

Arqball Spin

screenshot -arqball-2012.jpg
Arqball Spin is a unique 3-D image building app for iOS devices. 

Arqball Spin builds 3D images using a mobile phone camera. The images are called spins because when touched on the screen they can can be zoomed in on and spun around for closer inspection. The app designers intend this to be used on sites like eBay and Craigslist so people can get a better idea about something they might be wanting to buy. It's free and runs on iPhone, iPad and Touch 3rd and 4th generations iOS version 4.3 or higher.



Fribi calls itself the social marketplace.

Fribi is bit like Freecycle, where you can make finding a home for some item you want to get rid of a bit easier. Fribi will help you find someone who wants your stuff, but it also can make that list more exclusive by only offering it to people in your social networks. There's also an option to swap items if you like. It's a free Apple app and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Touch 3rd and 4th generations, iOS version 5 or higher.



Edamam wants to redefine recipe search.

Learning Opportunities

A food obsessed bunch no doubt, Edamam wants to bring new search powers to recipe seekers everywhere. It can find the recipe you are looking for and then filter the recipes based on diet and nutritional requirements. Once you've picked the recipe you like, Edamam breaks out the ingredients into a shopping listthat can be shared with someone who might already be at the store, for example. It's free for iOS versions 3 and higher, and for Android 2.2 or better.


This iOS app is very slick, and it uses a panoramic photography tool with 3-D viewing technology to make incredibly immersive virtual tours. It's a free app, though it may not stay that way for long. The judges liked the look but weren't sold on it being a big money maker in a crowded field of somewhat similar apps.

TrustGo Antivirus & Security


TrustGo Antivirius & Security scans an app for malware at DEMO 2012.

A new security app the judges liked because of the secure app search function. It looks at different versions of an app in the various app stores and tells you which one is the safest version. It's free for Android 2.2 and up.