Adobe Enables Devs to Code for iOS, Android, BlackBerry
Adobe (news, site) updates to Flash Builder and Flex mean coders can now produce apps across the trifecta of mobile and tablet environments.

We covered Adobe's aggressive moves into mobile app developing a few months back and now the updates that will turn on the magic are here. Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 software can now help developers create apps for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook (which has just hit the U.K. stores) alongside the existing Android support.

With one platform, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium and Master Collection users can hone and produce apps across the mobile spectrum with Flash Builder and Flex 4.5 leading the way in app development and Flex. The new Digital Enterprise Platform, also released today, pulls together a suite of customer experience solutions that ensures businesses (and in particular marketers) can be more agile and responsive to customers.

Flash Builder is available in a trial version from Adobe, with the Standard version retailing for US$ 249 and the Premium edition at US$ 699.

Choose a target, write code, publish (nearly)

Choose a target, write code, publish (nearly)

Common is the Key

With a largely common code, asset and application base, developers can save a lot of time in the creation and porting process. They can also debug live at low levels across the devices to get to the heart of any tricky issues.

For companies just venturing into app development, Adobe no longer looks like the monolithic, expensive option that many have taken it for. And, with all those Desktop Air apps doing a roaring trade, we can now expect to see many of those ported easily over to mobile.