Looks like a couple of companies are in cahoots to get video delivered straight to your mobile network, among other media.

That is, Akamai Technologies, Inc. and KIT digital, Inc. have combined forces in a strategic agreement. The agreement will allow KIT to package and resell Akamai solutions with its KIT VX Video Management Platform. Moreover, the agreement allows the companies to jointly market the KIT VX Video Management Platform to key Akamai enterprise customers.

The Dirt

Though you might not have heard of Akamai before doesn’t mean you haven’t come across their services at some point. In fact, it’s highly likely that you have.

Claiming to power 15-20 percent of all Web traffic, Akamai’s global platform of servers helps the Internet withstand the staggering amount of requests for rich, dynamic, and interactive content, transactions, and applications. When delivering on these requests, it’s Akamai's job to detect and avoids Internet problem spots and vulnerabilities. This ensures that Websites, media and software downloads all perform optimally, flawlessly and reliably.

Basically, Akamai's got your back.

As for KIT Digital, the company provides video distribution solutions in online, mobile and set-top box environments. Additionally, they offer content services that connect their clients’ brands with their target markets, in a so-called ROI positive manner

"We continually seek partnerships with leading software companies that share Akamai's commitment to providing the best rich media experiences available through Internet Protocol," said Greg Lazar, vice president and general manager of international sales and global partners for Akamai. "We have found KIT digital to be an invaluable partner to Akamai for global enterprises with complex video management needs." 

As a Team

Together, the companies will focus in building upon a long-standing vendor relationship and engage in collaborative sales and marketing efforts on an international level. The partnership is being touted as a unique initiative for both companies, and reflects their shared vision for the future of the IP-video market.

Under the agreement, KIT Digital will package and resell Akamai solutions along with its KIT VX Video Management Platform. This will enable the company to deliver video via online, mobile networks and IPTV-enabled set-top boxes on a more integrated and cost-effective basis. Additionally, for streaming and video-on-demand services, jointly served enterprise clients will now receive optimized storage and bandwidth.

"Our enterprise customers demand the best quality content delivery services -- whether for video-on-demand or live streaming -- and have end customers spread across the globe. This agreement expands upon our long-standing relationship with Akamai, allowing for closer collaboration in technology, marketing and sales," said Gavin Campion, president of KIT digital.

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