The new tablet from Amazon is hitting doorsteps a day early across America with a great deal for users to download, but what do the critics think?

The Tablet for One and All?

With the Kindle Fire (announced back in September) shipping a day early to eager buyers (and the new regular Kindles shipping a whole week early) some folks are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving a little early.

With the reviews also going live, the media game is already being played. Is Amazon shipping early to get positive user experience and good word of mouth out there, before any negative comments are magnified online? Or is it just down to good supply chain.

The Scores on the Doors

It is disheartening to read comments along the lines of "the Kindle Fire is slower/jerkier/less responsive than my iPad" as mentioned in the New York Times review, because it clearly has little to do with an iPad. There is a world of buyers out there who don't care about navel-gazing gadget comparisons, processor types or RAM storage.

Learning Opportunities

Perhaps the most astute review is new site The Verge's which offers a 7.5 score which seems to have the casual, non-tech user in mind. It highlights the device's shortcomings on navigation, slower browsing despite the Silk technology behind the browser, and the newly touted (see below) magazine offering without expecting miracles from Amazon.

Content, Content Everywhere

Alongside Amazon's own digital vaults of music, movies and books, there will be an endless onslaught of content for the Kindle Fire. Recently announced were Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter apps for subscribers to those services (the Kindle Fire doesn't allow access to all apps, just a select few).

Amazon has also unveiled its magazine rack, offering some 400 titles and newspapers to readers, with a free three-month trial of 17 Condé Nast magazines, including the likes of Vanity Fair, GQ, WIRED and Glamour. Throw all that in and you have a device perfect for "the rest of us," not just geeks who expect instantaneous performance and mercury-fluid like interfaces.

If you do get a Kindle Fire, let us know what you think or shout if you see another review up.