Apple to Announce Big Numbers as Shares Hit New High, But What Next?
Apple (news, site) is due to announce its second quarter results today, and with iPad 2 production finally able to meet demand, this is likely to spur the company to new heights in its numbers.

To Infinity and Beyond

With the various delays for the next Apple iPhone, be it the iPhone 5, 4G or 4S, and the wait for a new iPad seeing people get positively twitchy, Apple's stock price has seen a little meander, trending flat-to-down from March to June. But, with Apple stock already pushing its all-time high in pre-market trading, investors expect massive numbers and fans, news on what's coming next.

The boost is, in part, due to Apple now being able to meet the massive demand for the iPad 2 with full-steam-ahead production at its partner factories. But a lot of the expectation is on the imminent arrival of the next iPhone device.

Show Us the New Stuff

Apple's stock has surged recently, as several new tablets have arrived on the scene and failed to make a dent in iPad sales. Cheaper production costs for Apple, thanks to its aggressive component and factory strategies, should also see improved margins.

Learning Opportunities

With estimates suggesting over 17 million iPhone and 8 million iPad sales in the quarter, all ears will be finely tuned for any hints on the release dates or features of the successor devices. Unfortunately, Apple rarely gives much away at these events, but may be on the defensive over recent delays.

Looking Forward

While most consumers "ooh" and "ahh" over the iOS devices, for computer users, the new OS X Lion version launches this week and new Mac Airs are due to appear, which should also help boost Apple's numbers.

For iOS devices, investors will be looking to see when NFC is likely to be attached, how Apple feels about the massive Android sales and other issues. Competition from Microsoft with Windows 8 across a range of devices will be high on the agenda, along with lingering questions about the Foxconn factory issues and the endless questions about what's coming next.