The Google Android bandwagon is currently a pretty sweet ride. One might even compare its level of functionality (thanks to the increasing number of available applications) to the likes of the Batmobile. And since we can’t think of a single reason you wouldn’t want to take a joy ride in the Batmobile, it’s no surprise that companies of all sizes are gearing up to jump on. One of our recent favorites to make the plunge is the multi-platform chat service, Meebo.

Meebo is Ice Cold

To us, Meebo already scores pretty high on the coolness scale. A multi-platform chat service that allows you to communicate using AIM, GTalk and ICQ (among others) all at once? That’s cool. One cohesive buddy list? Even cooler. No downloading? Borderline freezing. Absolutely free? Glacial. Though the folks over at Meebo claim their new application for Android (now available from the Android Market) isn’t as developed as they’d like it to be, we at CMS Wire know they’re just being modest. In fact, the application already covers exactly what the hosted service does and boasts no SMS charging. Wait, no SMS charging? That’s subzero! Add all of that coolness up, access it from your phone and you’ve got something that is so ridiculously cool we can’t even think of a clever word appropriate enough for a following sentence fragment.

Meebo Highlights Android’s Coolest Feature

Our cell phones are moving closer and closer to mimicking the advanced functionality of our computers. Google’s recent release of Android has already moved us significantly further in that direction with the ability to run applications in the background (a concept that was, until now, foreign to mobile OS platforms and users unless they’ve got a jailbroken phone). With Meebo’s new Android app and Android technology, now you can chat, listen to the latest release from Cat Power and check your e-mail all at the same time. If a new Meebo message comes through while you’re away from the conversation, you are instantly alerted in the status bar at the top of the phone. From there you can drag the notification bar down and click on Meebo to be transported back to the IM, and you can take solace in knowing Chan Marshall’s voice will go on, uninterrupted. The first all-in-one, browser based chat service on the first, by default, multi-tasking phone? That's a beautiful thing, friends. “We are excited to provide Meebo users and Android enthusiasts with a new way to connect live with their friends,” said Seth Sternberg, founder and CEO at Meebo. “Enabling access to Meebo on the go means that more and more people will think ‘Meebo’ for open communications whether they are at their at home, work, school or none of the above!”

Meebo is Here to Stay

Regardless of whether or not Sternberg is right about the application significantly increasing users, we don’t think Meebo has anything to worry about when it comes to popularity. The hosted platform reports a staggering 40 million users which is, oh, about 34 million more than when we last covered them a year ago. With growth like that, it doesn’t look like the company is going anywhere, regardless of the often-heard complaint about how the new application sleeps when the phone is locked.Auto-sleep applications, probably programmed that way in order to conserve battery life, aren’t really the biggest tragedy. After all, we can’t have everything, but while we’re stewing in the realization of that, it’s nice to know companies like Meebo and Google are doing everything to disprove it. To find out more about Meebo’s new application for Android, visit their Meeblog. Or, watch a nifty demo of it here.