Content Viewer Raises the Bar for Mobile Entertainment

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New Content Viewer Raises the Bar for Mobile Entertainment
Mobifusion, a mobile apps developer in the mood to promise the entertainment world to its users, has just released the latest version of its multimedia platform.

Mobiviewer 2.5 reportedly improves both the viewing and reading experiences on mobile phones and includes a slew of additional nifty and bite-sized “snacks” like an icon-based UI, audio plug-ins, and instant photos and graphics. Sounds pretty tasty to us.

Putting the “Fusion” in Mobile

Founded in 2006 in Silicon Valley, Mobifusion’s specific mission in life is to bring together technology and top media brands in order to deliver what they consider the best entertainment and information. By offering mobile content and applications in a variety of categories (including business, productivity, travel, and health) the new-ish company claims to transform books, magazines and other branded content into a quality mobile experience.

Needless to say, Mobiviewer 2.5 aims to raise the bar for mobile entertainment, viewing and reading. The tool delivers photos, audio and graphic content from publishers (among them Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Avalon, Simon & Schuster, and Penguin).

"By delivering the 'snacks' of mobile content wireless users want, Mobiviewer 2.5 will transform the way people use and see their mobile handsets," said Pavan Mandhani, Founder & CEO of Mobifusion. "We're giving consumers a new 'made-for-mobile' experience of the content they know, love, and trust."

Learning Opportunities

According to Mandhani, Mobifusion's sales channel partners can now take full advantage of the multiple supported handsets and operating systems of Mobiviewer 2.5, including the Blackberry, Android, the ever popular iPhone, Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, iDEN, and Palm, in addition to other platforms.

"Snacking on your favorite infotainment brands on your mobile is now a reality, on any handset or platform," Mandhani continued. "Publishers can gain fast entry into the mobile market by working with Mobifusion.”

Other Menus

We’re certainly no strangers to the mobile game, and we’re pretty sure most of you out there aren’t either. Most companies as of late have been heading in the content creation deliverability direction as well, including Zoho, SiteGalore and Suvvo.

Could targeting specific publishers in addition to entertainment be what distinguishes Mobifusion from the rest? Keep a watch with us here and let’s find out.