Who ever said that 2011 would lead to advancements within the enterprise related to tablet devices wasn’t wrong. In fact, DeviceAnywhere’s latest release gives companies little or no excuse to optimize for tablet devices, even if they don’t have any upon which to test.

Remote Optimization

That’s right. Thanks to DeviceAnywhere’s Tablet Package, which is available via remote access in DeviceAnywhere’s Test Center, developers can optimize their testing efforts without having to physically acquire new tablet devices.

With access to several popular models, like the Apple’s iPad, and Samsung’s GALAXY Tablet, DeviceAnywhere will continue to incorporate new models starting with Dell’s Streak, and Huawei’s S7.

By using a private cloud environment, enterprise IT managers can leverage Test Automation for Smart Devices, so that they can automate testing of any tablet functionality or application, saving time and eliminating errors that may occur from manual testing.

Training Wheels for the Technology-Challenged Enterprise

Remote testing isn’t new for DeviceAnywhere. In November 2010, they released support for the Windows Phone 7 range to help app creators test and check their products. Yet, by expanding testing to include tablets as well as smartphones, is sure to help companies get up to speed with an already evolving interface. Even if companies have yet to adopt or purchase one in-house, DeviceAnywhere allows them to at least make sure that tablet users don’t suffer.

Considering that it took the enterprise years to implement email, it’s almost inconceivable that companies would be able to embrace mobile technologies as fast as (some) are. By helping them cater to a platform that is so new (by enterprise standards) DeviceAnywhere lends companies a pair of training wheels while they struggle to see over the handlebars into the future.