Socially-curated news reader apps are now becoming the choice method of accessing news content on tablets like the iPad. With magazine-like looks and touch-friendly interfaces, apps like Flipboard, Zite, Pulse and even the upcoming Google Propeller give a social aspect to reading news and interesting feature stories online. Joining the mix is Evri, a mobile app developer that will debut its iPad application today.

Social Curation Plus Topic Channels

Evri is a bit different from its contemporaries, in that it uses a mix of social news and topical streams, using its proprietary algorithm to sort news by topics. Evri uses semantic, natural-language processing (NLP) technology to run through 15,000 news sources and turn unstructured data into topic-based channels. The same algorithm also computes for trending topics based on keyword usage, timeliness of coverage and related activity on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Evri's semantic processing capabilities have been bolstered by its acquisition of Radar Networks in 2010. The service is constantly processing feeds and updates its index once every 15 minutes for fresh content anytime a user accesses the iPad application.

Evri iPad app.jpg

Evri's iPad app provides a mix of socially-curated and topic-based content

Publisher Friendly?

Most social reader apps, such as Flipboard and Zite, pull content straight from the source and republish these in a lighter format, meaning articles are stripped of formatting, save for a few images and links. One big difference between Evri and other social readers is that Evri will only display snippets and summaries of articles, and will instead direct a user to the original website upon clicking a link. It's not as seamless a solution as Flipboard, but Evri says they're being publisher-friendly.

Other options include a read later feature, which lets users bookmark content through services like Read It Later and Instapaper. The app also features a topic search for those times when users want to manually search for content.

Evri is a free download from the iTunes App Store, and supports the iPad and iPad 2. Evri also offers readers for other platforms like the iPhone and Android devices, although the socially-aware Evri app is only available on the iPad to date.