Google Chromebooks, Now with 'Better' Payment Plans

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In an attempt to attract a wider range of businesses and educational establishments, Google has adjusted its Chromebook subscription model to include an annual payment option. 

Previously, the Internet giant offered a three-year subscription model, but in the four short months since launch, many prospective customers made it clear that their yearly budget cycles made the three-year option less viable.

The new payment option was introduced by Glenn Wilson, product manager, Chrome for Business & Education, via blog post:

This new option gives schools and businesses a choice to pay upfront for Chromebooks with one year of access to the web-based admin management console, phone support, and hardware warranty coverage. After the first year, customers can choose to pay a monthly fee for years two and three for management console access and support.

Under this plan, educational customers will be charged US$ 449 for the Wi-Fi-only Chromebook and US$ 519 for the 3G-enabled version. Business customers will have to pony up a bit more-- US$ 559 for Wi-Fi and US $639 for 3G. After the first year, management and support will then cost US $5 and $13 dollars per month, respectively.

"We have also added a few new features to the web-based management panel to help customers better deploy, monitor and customise their Chromebooks, including group policy management, shipment tracking and asset management," Wilson added. 

Learning Opportunities

Of course, the question on our minds now is how the Chromebook is actually performing. While it's only been four months since its official release, the fact that we've yet to hear even the smallest of updates about the company's success in this market is a little discomforting. 

Is it Worth it?

At this point, do you think the new Google Chromebook pricing is a good deal or should customers be holding out for something better? One person made an interesting point in the comments section of Google's blog post:

I love the new price change, but does the school have to pay for the three months that the chrome books are not in use over the summer? The reason I ask is 9 months for $45 or 12 months for $60 per year makes a difference on the number of Chrome books I will buy for school district. Is it truly a monthly price?

And another:

Now, I love the chromebook concept but aren't these prices a little too high when compared to the competition, ahem windows? I'm all for something other than windows (i'm a mac user 2 years now) but trying to understand the economics and logic behind the pricing specially when support comes into play!?

Refresh yourself with the video below and let us know what you think.