Last week Google announced Google Docs Viewer support for .doc and .docx attachments, but that wasn't all they had in store. This week the Internet giants are back with a mobile version of their document viewer for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. 

Google's mobile version of Google Docs Viewer enables users to look at PDFs, .ppt, .doc and .docx files housed in their Google Docs account right from their mobile devices:

Google Docs Viewer mobile screenshot

You can switch between pages, and pinch and zoom documents for a better view. Editing them, however, is still reserved for the desktop version. While certain document types still look squashed and awkward (mainly Spreadsheets), it's nice to be able to look at them on-the-fly without having to download them first. 

For now, view-only mobile support is optimized for Android mobile OS and Apple's iOS. There's been no word on whether the company plans to extend this to other devices, or if it will one day include an editing option.

To check it out yourself, point your mobile browser to