Those Google Sites (news, site) will look better instantly with a touch of mobile magic, offering better fit and alignment of page elements for your pages.

For Better Looking Sites

A new option has been added to Google Sites' plethora of features. Just by ticking the 'Automatically adjust site for mobile phones' box in the Manage Site menu, your sites will instantly look more readable on mobiles, or at least to users of iPhones running iOS 3.0 or higher and Android users on 2.2 or greater. And this just after it got third-party content addition, making it a good week for Sites users.

There's a preview mode so you can see what the results will look like with the obvious enhancements including: alignment of the page header layout and top bar, adjusting the width of the site to match the device’s page width along with better handling of sidebars, horizontal navigation and interaction with dropdown links, what's not to like? Get the full details on the Google Blog.


Google Sites now look better on smartphones

All Going Mobile

Google has also made some of its services mobile aware to make checking and working on sites easier. New versions of Google site list, sites search and browse sites are available to help make working on the go easier.

Anything that makes sites easier to use on a mobile has to be a good thing, and the fact that Google Sites and have recently added instant activation features should get others who expect users to go through hoops to get this functionality, to get a move on.

As an additional bonus for Sites users, you can also now add Google Docs videos into your sites, a helpful way to link your video creations to your sites.