HP to Editorialize TouchPad Apps in the War on App Stores

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HP to Editorialize TouchPad Apps in the War on App Stores

As tablet makers struggle to come up with a way around Apple's dominance, HP (news, site) thinks its new magazine/store will help users choose the best apps.

Taking the App out of Apple

With Apple dominating 89%+ of global tablet Web usage, its rivals will have to do some clever thinking to come up with an angle for differentiation or a USP to stand a chance of grabbing market share. With apps clearly being a major priority and theme among mobile and tablet users, has HP got a cunning plan?

Apple thinks it has got the app store idea so sewn up that it has even sued Google over the use of the term. HP is taking a slightly different tack by offering Pivot, a new digital magazine that will offer the best apps with quality editorial content from its App Catalog (nice escape there) for readers to discover in a less storefront manner.

Pivot will present apps to users in a new light

Pivot will present apps to users in a new light

Learning Opportunities

Pivot, Fade?

The digital magazine, called Pivot, will be a monthly publication launching in July. Using big-name writers and contributors, it will showcase a broad range of applications, and go into some background on the developers, to create a well-rounded, value-added, offering. Even Apple will admit that more could be done to promote good apps and great developers, and perhaps this is a step forward.

Quite what the qualifications for entry are, we're not sure, but we're guessing all those fart apps are out. HP's App Catalog will need to be immense to help it compete in the tablet market, while the hardware sounds good, the TouchPad interface looks great and HP has the marketing muscle; everyone else has run straight into the iPad wall and bounced off.

Is Size Everything?

HP probably only has a few hundred to 1,000 apps at launch and will need to grow massively and quickly to stand much of a chance. At least those early apps will get plenty of exposure in Pivot and, we imagine, HP can generate some advertising revenue on the side.

Even if HP does make a dent in Apple's market share, or more likely take chunks out of Android's share, it will soon have Microsoft for company with its Windows 8-powered tablets, and then the race for second place will really be on.