iOS Dominates Enterprise, Highlights Need for More Mobile Security
When the folks at Good Technology predicted what 2012 would bring for mobile enterprise security, they said that the enterprise will start to manage smartphones and tablets more holistically. Almost five months later, with the release of its quarterly device activation report for the first quarter of 2012, Good Technology shows that the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise is bigger than ever.

Bring Your Own Device 

The full report (PDF) provides a breakdown of smartphone and tablet devices activated among Good's enterprise customers, which include eight of the top 10 financial institutions, seven of the top 10 healthcare organizations, half of the Fortune 100, and companies from every major industry. The results show that companies continue to embrace the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend and accept new devices into the enterprise.


An Enterprise Full of iPhones, iPads

Apple's iPhone 4S hit a record high, claiming the number one device spot overall, with 37% of all activations for the first quarter (four times that of any other device). Coming in second, the iPad 2 had 17.7% of activations for the quarter, while the new iPad, having been on the market less than one month, claimed 4.3% of all activations for the quarter, and an impressive 12.1% of activations in March alone. Overall, Good found that iPads collectively represented roughly 97.3% of its tablet activations for Q1 2012. 

Some Android Devices

That’s not to say that Andrioids aren’t represented among companies. The Motorola Droid took the top spot, with 1.6% of all activations, making it the seventh most popular device for the quarter. Overall, Android smartphones represented 26.1% of all activations for the quarter, while Android tablets came in at 2.7%. 

The Good Technology report also shows that it's seeing rapid growth in both the quantity and size of its customers' deployments. The number of Good customers deploying iOS and/or Android devices grew by more than 50% over the past 12 months, while the average Good customer deployment size more than doubled over the same period. 


Bring Your Own Security? 

So what does this mean for mobile enterprise security? It means that the days of Blackberry domination are over. As a result, business needs to not only understand what devices are being used the most, but provide adequate security so that information shared across devices is protected, encrypted and otherwise secured.

For those trying to break into the tablet market, this report poses even bigger challenges. Companies launching tablet devices will need to showcase security and app management if they want to convince the enterprise they can replace the iPad.

Companies are encouraged to take control of the BYOD trend by providing training and support for employees using these devices to ensure that information is being properly shared and accessed.