McAfee Offers Mobile Security 2.0 for Tablet and Smartphone Users

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Most of us probably don't have any type of security 1.0 for our collection of mobile devices. But the threat of attack is growing as hackers and scammers look to get at our data or compromise our details from our phones.

Need Mobile Protection?

There are lots of scary headlines about mobile security, with unsigned apps posing a distinct threat to some devices. However, on the whole, we think of our phones and tablets as a neat little world, away from the threats of SQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks and other nasties.

Even so, the risk of your mobile data being compromised, your phone being put to unauthorized use is growing. So, McAfee is offering its Mobile Security 2.0 product with antivirus, anti-theft protection in the form of remote wiping and protection from malicious websites and applications.

Available for Android and BlackBerry smartphones or tablets, and Symbian OSphones for US$ 29.99, it is available as a free upgrade for existing users. The App Alert feature is only available for the Android platform. Mobile Security 2.0 will scan and clean malicious code from files, memorycards, applications, downloads, text messages and any rogue attachments.

Learning Opportunities

To Protect and Serve

It also features the ability to filter calls and SMS messages, if you're getting unwanted attention, making it more of a social guardian as well as the usual protection package. Add in a monitor so you can see what applications are accessing and using your personal details, and you have a neat shield around the vital information on your device.

McAfee has added an application-protection feature called App Alert for Android users which provides users with information about what the applications are doing with your personal information, doing a simpler job than Android's native features do. So, if you're not sure quite what's on your smartphone or tablet, it could be worth a look.