With the popularity of smartphones and tablets in both enterprise and consumer settings, mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices have become a big part in the professional's job search arsenal.

Internet-connected mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming so commonplace in the enterprise setting that even end-users are now given the opportunity to have a say in their choice of devices. Gone are the days when the IT department dictates the platform that each employee will use. This encourages productivity in that users get to choose their own tools for communicating and collaborating. Mobile devices are now also empowering users in their quest for greener pastures.

A recent Comscore study commissioned by Beyond.com's career network found out that a good majority of job seekers are now using mobile devices to keep updated about their job statuses and new job alerts. 77% of job seekers are now using mobile job search apps, and this includes both native smartphone and tablet apps, as well as mobile web.

Job search and mobile devices

77% of job seekers now use smartphone and tablet apps for job hunting.

Mobile Devices More Accessible, Discreet

A big portion of the 77%, or 36.27% in all, say that mobile tools are more accessible and let job-seekers quickly react to new postings. 23.79% cite portability as the key reason for using mobile devices. Meanwhile, 17.65% don't want to get caught doing job searches at work, and say mobile apps are more discreet.

In terms of job types, the Beyond.com study cites entry-level and college-graduate level jobs as covering the biggest proportion of mobile app searches and downloads at 24.8%. Next come apps with geographic focus at 20.9%, where more than half of job searches come from Manhattan. Meanwhile, finance jobs get an 8.3% share, healthcare gets 6.2%, while technology only gets 6%.

Increase in Mobile Traffic

Overall, mobile access to job search sites has increased. Beyond.com cites a 100% growth in mobile traffic since 2010, growing from 5% of overall traffic in that year to 11% this year. In terms of platform, more job seekers use Android than other devices. Android gets a 43.7% share, while iOS users add up to 27.3% of job seekers. BlackBerry devices account for 19.7%, while Windows Phone gets 5.7%. Symbian has been relegated to a minority at 1.8%.

Mobile devices give better access to information, even while on the go. Smartphones and tablets have also become indispensable tools for communication and collaboration in the workplace. But the next time you see your boss, colleague or employee fiddling with his or her smartphone, you might not help wonder whether that person is currenty looking for better job opportunities via mobile.